When Should I Check My Credit Score?

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After recently receiving a letter in the mail declining me for a credit card I did not apply for on the basis that I am deceased, I realized that I need to be more diligent about checking my credit report. Once a year is clearly not enough. The major credit bureaus allow everyone to see their credit one time per year free of charge, so we all need to take care to stagger that every four months or so; this allows us to see our report regularly without paying. However, there are a few other times – such as being declared dead – that you might want to check your credit report throughout the year.

Your financial information is compromised

This happens more than you might think. If your financial information is compromised, you will receive notice from either a store or your bank. If and when this happens, be sure to check your report right away to ensure that the people with access to your personal information did not help themselves to anything other than just your name and potential card numbers – and cancel those accounts if your bank did not already do so.

When something suspicious happens

For me, it was being denied for a card I did not apply for. In my case, it was a good thing that I was listed as deceased with the credit bureau since I might have an even bigger problem at the moment. As it happens, being listed as deceased was a good thing. It made me call and figure out what was going on. When something suspicious like this happens, call and check your report.

Before applying for a loan

When it comes time to buy that dream house, check your credit. You cannot afford not to when it comes to applying for a loan. Any mistakes could affect your rate and your approval, and we know you don’t want to lose that dream house or anything else simply because someone else messed something up. Clearly, people make mistakes; I mean, I’m alive yet my credit report says otherwise.

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