Wedding Expenses You Can Skip to Save Money

Spring and summer are the busiest seasons when it comes to wedding planning. Who doesn’t want to get married when the weather is gorgeous and everyone is in a good mood? When it comes to planning your wedding, you should know that this is also the time of year when goods and services are more expensive than any other time of year. For this reason, you might need to find ways to save a little money in certain areas so that you can have the wedding of your dreams. Here are three easy ways you can save on your wedding.

Hire a DJ

Bands are fantastic, but so are DJs. In fact, the average price of a wedding band these days is more than $3,000 for one night! A DJ, on the other hand, averages less than $1,000. It might be something you’re unsure of, but there’s nothing wrong with a DJ. In fact, you have a bigger selection of music and a guarantee that every song will sound great, since it is being sung by its intended star.


Let’s be honest here. Who cares about a personalized plastic champagne flute or a box of inedible candy? No one; so don’t waste your money on favors. Instead, spend that money somewhere else. Your guests will enjoy themselves a lot more if the food is good, the drinks are good, and the entertainment is good. You don’t need favors to make a good wedding. In fact, I dare you to name three wedding favors you’ve received. You can’t even remember what people gave away, can you? Didn’t think so.

Programs and Menus

While it is a nice touch, it’s not necessary if you want to save money on your wedding. Your guests know what’s about to happen without it written down on paper. You’re bridal party will walk down the aisle. You will walk down the aisle. You will say some vows. You will wear some new rings. You will kiss. Everyone will clap. Honey, they’ve got this.


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