Topics You Should Discuss Before You Remarry With Children

Before you remarry, there are certain topics you should discuss with your future spouse.  Remarriage is a different ballgame than a first marriage and it pays to give some consideration to topics that might be a source of discord if ignored.  If you take this step now you can iron out any potential problems for a better start to your new life together.

If there are children involved from previous marriages, the importance of doing this before you remarry is even more important.  Things can get tricky quickly when adding stepchildren into a new marriage.

One topic you should discuss before you remarry is the policy of discipline you are going to follow with the children.  You need to be in agreement about a shared discipline policy that will be followed with the children that both you and your intended are bringing into the marriage.  If rules are laid out clearly before you remarry it makes things much easier later.  Rules need to be the same across the board for all children.

Before you remarry, you need to be clear that you will be a united front with the children and that your marriage will be placed in a position of priority that the children will not be allowed to change.

Another area that needs to be discussed before you remarry is the amount of child support you each pay or receive and how finances are going to be handled.  Will they be placed in a joint account or will you each have your own?

Has either of you agreed to pay for your children’s college education?  It is best to know this up front rather than thinking you are getting to the end of the child support years only to discover that you will be paying for several more years.

With these topics out in the open you will feel more free to remarry knowing where you both stand and what you are facing.





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