Three Things You Waste Money On

As soon as a new electronic or car comes on the market, my husband is in line to pick it up (and he raises his eyebrows at me when I pick up a new pair of Christian Louboutins like it’s completely different…men). However, not everything out there is worth the money society spends on it, which means we are wasting a ton of money on products we don’t need just because we believe the hype that we do need them. Some of them, however, might surprise you.  Here are three things we waste money on.

Bottled Water

We all have a fridge with a water option. If you don’t, you have a faucet and you can purchase a water softener for a few dollars. Stop wasting your money on bottled water and drink the water you have at home. You spend hundreds of dollars each year on bottled water, which is completely pointless.

Individual Size Yogurt

Every time you purchase one of those little packages of yogurt for one personal serving, you are wasting money. You could spend just a few cents more for a large, family size portion and have 10 times the yogurt for virtually the same price. In addition, you can feed yogurt to the whole family, rather than just to yourself, which is much nicer than being selfish.

The Brand New Car

For one, buying brand new is always a bad idea. That’s just that. When you purchase a brand new car and drive it off the lot, you just lost thousands of dollars you will never see again. However, if you buy the same car, one model year older, you will get a reliable car with only a few miles on it that will not cost you thousands of dollars in depreciation. When it’s time to trade that car in or sell it, you aren’t upside down on it.


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