Three Money Saving Habits that Can Actually Backfire If You’re not Careful


Saving money is a great idea; it’s the best idea you can actually come up with in most cases. But sometimes it backfires and people end up spending far more than they planned and without any indication as to how that could happen. The truth is simple; saving money is a good concept but only if you can figure out how your saving habits are actually hurting your saving abilities. It doesn’t sound like something that’s overly possible, but it really is. Believe me when I say that you can make mistakes and pick up habits that are far less helpful than they are harmful, so we are here to tell you which of your habits are making it difficult for you to save. Read on to see what it is you need to change if you want to save more money.

Using Multiple Bank Accounts

Did you know that using multiple bank accounts actually makes us feel richer? The concept of having money in many places makes us feel like we have more than we really do, and that’s not good for our wallets. We’ll actually spend more this way than we would if we simple put it all into one account.

Using the Debit Card

Even if you separate all your money, pay your bills and transfer your savings, you’re going to spend more if you use your debit card. Even if you mean to save, you won’t. Cash feels personal and it makes us feel as if we are spending too much. It makes us stop and think.

Cutting Corners and Splurging

So you saved $90 on your supermarket trip thanks to sales and coupons, but then you go out and spend that $90 on dinner to celebrate. You didn’t actually save anything using this manner, now did you? The simple answer is no.

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