Three of the Most Common Financial Habits That Upset a Marriage

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If you could list the number of habits you have that annoy your spouse, I know it would be a long one. I know my husband would share that nothing drives me crazier than when he falls asleep on the couch and his head leans over and then pops up suddenly, over and over and over again. He would also tell you that it drives me nuts when we sit down to eat together and he develops the hiccups – every single time. Likewise, I would tell you that my husband does not love my back seat driving, or my spending habits. He also doesn’t love my hairspray obsession (but come on, we are Floridians and it’s humid and my hair needs to stay where I put it).

Back to my spending habits, though. It turns out that one of the most annoying things most partners find in their partner is their money management skills. When it comes to a good relationship, it’s important to remember that no one is perfect, but it’s also important to remember to address financial annoyances; and these are the most common.

Spending too much

Do you spend too much? Does your spouse? You have to address this so that you’re on the same page. Perhaps an allowance, a budget or something to that effect would work well for you. We did this. We now have a weekly “eating” allowance. My husband will spend upwards of $100 or more a week on lunches out and that drives me nuts (I mean, I can run to Publix and get an amazing sub for $6, so why is he spending this much wining and dining himself and his vendors?).

Not looking at price tags

My husband will tell you this is the most annoying trait I have. I don’t look at price tags. It’s not a good habit, and we have had to learn to address this. I figure if I want or need something, it doesn’t matter the cost. He feels that I might decide I no longer want or need something if I actually look at the cost. We are working through this one.

Lending money

Nothing could be as frustrating as having people in your life that constantly ask for money; especially if your spouse is giving it to them. $20 here, $100 there; and they never pay you back. Of all the money arguments that spouses might have, this is the biggest. You have to be on the same page on this one – and usually it’s the “we don’t loan money,” page. Trust me – this one is important.

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