The Best Time to Make Big Purchases

Every time you turn around it feels like you need something else at the store; whether it’s a new couch or a new ottoman for the sitting room. Perhaps it’s a new electronic or a new wardrobe for your hot new body. Whatever you need, don’t just go out and buy it tomorrow. For the money-savvy ladies out there, you can find the things you need for a significant discount by waiting to shop at certain times. If it isn’t something you can’t live without for a little while, by all means go shopping, but if it’s something you can do without for a few weeks or months, you might want to wait.

Exercise Equipment

January is the least expensive month to buy exercise equipment. Manufacturers know this is the time of year when everyone is dedicated to losing weight and looking good (remember the New Year’s resolutions you just made, or did you already abandon them like last year’s pastel pink?) and they want you in the stores picking up this equipment before you forget that you hate to exercise.


Need a new couch? If you do, the best time to buy is in February. This is a slow month for most furniture stores, which means that around President’s Day you’re going to find a bunch of big sales and discounted prices on the furniture you really want or need. Does the husband want a new reclining sofa? Wait a few weeks and pick up two!


If you have somewhere to go and you’re in need of airfare, wait until September. No one is buying tickets anymore since vacation season is over and the holidays are a few months away, so ticket prices tend to drop significantly this time of year. Additionally, if you want to buy a new car, September is the month to buy since the new model year debuts this month, meaning discounts on brand new cars for this model year.


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