What To Do if Someone Else Filed A Tax Return in Your Name

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Now that we have less than a week to go until the official close of tax season, as many as a quarter of American taxpayers are working diligently to file their returns last minute. It’s nice to have it behind you, but it might mean that you are too late to file your own return since someone else might have already done so on your behalf. The number of fraudulently filed income tax returns in the United States has been growing rapidly for the past few years. Criminals who can obtain personal information from banks, hospitals, doctor offices and even schools are able to quickly file fraudulent income tax returns online so that they can have your refund all to themselves. If you wait to file, chances are good that you don’t even know someone did this already. Now that it’s time to file, you need to know what to do if someone stole your refund.

File Form 14039

Unfortunately, you won’t even know a return has been filed in your name until you go to file it. The second attempt will mark a flag and you’ll be alerted to the fact that a return was already filed in your name. You can download and print this form using the IRS website. You will mark on it that your identity was stolen.

You’ll need a copy of your driver’s license to file with this form, as well as a copy of your SS card. You’ll mail the form to:

Internal Revenue Service

PO Box 9039

Andover, MA 01810-0939

The IRS will follow up with you by asking you to perform something called the verification process while they work to amend your return and help you get your money back – if possible. However, you now have to worry about alerting the police that your identity was stolen, as well as the major credit bureaus by asking that a freeze is placed on your credit and by beginning the process of disputing any possible fraud used with your credit. The process will be long and tiresome, but worth it.

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