What Happens When You Enter Incorrect Bank Accout Information With Your Taxes

bank account information

No one is perfect; remember that. We all make mistakes, and we all learn from them. I know that when you are expecting a refund from the Internal Revenue Service after filing your 2015 income tax return, nothing feels like as big a mistake as accidentally entering your bank account information for a direct deposit incorrectly. Your refund will be sent back to the IRS, and you are left wondering how much longer it will take to receive it and what to do when it does not arrive. Fear not, taxpayers; this is a common occurrence and the IRS is used to this kind of mistake. Here’s what happens when you incorrectly enter your bank account information.

You have two potential situations. When you e-file your income tax return, the IRS has to either accept it or reject it. Your return will not be rejected because your bank account information is incorrect but if you made another mistake on your return, it will be rejected. If it’s rejected, you have a chance to go back through your return and correct any mistakes (typically with Social Security Numbers). You can change your bank account information at this time before resubmitting your return.

If your return is not rejected and the IRS accepts it, it’s not as bad as you might think. After the direct deposit is sent back to the IRS, you will simply receive a paper check through the mail at the address listed on your return. It will take a bit longer, unfortunately, but you will receive it. It doesn’t take long for a bank to return deposits with incorrect bank account information, so it should take no longer than an additional week or two for your paper check to arrive in the mail and your refund to be in hand.

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