Three Things You Do Not Want in A Tax Professional

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Just when you think that you’re late to the game, you’re really not as late as you might think. If you have not yet even begun the process of working on your taxes, don’t fret. Many have not. The good news is that you have time to file for an extension of time in case you need an additional six months to work on your income taxes; or to find a good tax preparer. You can do your income taxes yourself, but it’s not always the best way to go if your return is more complicated than a few W2s and a standard deduction. A tax preparer is trained to understand all the things that the rest of us are a little bit unsure of, and that’s why it’s sometimes a better choice. Of course, you have to make sure the one you choose is a good choice from the start. We’ve told you what you want to look for in a tax professional, but what about what not to look for?

A Tax Preparer Without a PTIN

Your tax professional must have a PTIN, or a Professional Tax Identification Number. This is the number issued to them by the IRS. If you have a preparer that does not have one, you might not be working with a real tax preparer; and that is never a good sign.

A Big Refund Guarantee

Listen, if you don’t even have your tax paperwork handed over to a tax professional at the moment and they’re promising you a huge refund, walk away. These people have no idea if you even get a refund, how much you will get and how they can get you a bigger one without your information. Chances are good that someone like this might be willing to cross some lines at your expense to get you a bigger refund. After all, many get paid based on a percentage of what you get back.

A Blank Paper Signer

If you have a tax pro who asks you to sign something that has nothing on it, walk way. You don’t sign blank returns and then walk way. Even if the pro tells you that it will save you time when it’s time to file, don’t do it. Never sign anything you did not read first. If you have nothing to read, don’t sign it.

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