Tax Tip: Get Free Dessert at Tony Roma’s On Tax Day

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Do you love free dessert? Do you love Tony Roma’s? Do you love tax day? Okay, two for three really isn’t bad. Tax day is quickly approaching, and no one is happy about it. Well, I no longer care since I already finished my income taxes for 2015 and sent in my check, but many people are not looking forward to April 18. In case you haven’t heard yet, tax day has been extended this year due to the fact that April 15 is a Friday and it’s emancipation day, which is a Washington D.C. holiday this year. Whether you are already finished with your taxes or you haven’t even made an attempt to start them, you probably need free dessert.

Even thinking about tax day is stressful. The good people over at Tony Roma’s know that tax day is not your favorite, and they want to celebrate the fact that it is ending on the 18th. What this means for you is free dessert. You can get a decade red velvet cake on tax day free of charge thanks to Tony Roma’s and you need only do one thing; sign up for the Tony Roma’s free email account here. You will receive a coupon for your free dessert to redeem on the 18th. If you don’t want to sign up for a free dessert, just go to your nearest Tony Roma’s on Tax Day and you’ll receive a free coupon for a free dessert. The only catch here is that you cannot use it that day if you get it that day; you have to wait until your next visit. Either way, though; tax day is ending and you get a free piece of cake. I’m not sure how you feel, but I feel like that sounds a lot like the makings of a good day.

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