Make Tax Day A Little Easier with Our Most Important Reminders


It’s tax day, today! For those of you still unaware that you had until today to file your income tax return, we have to tell you one more time that Friday was a federal holiday in Washington D.C. and that means you have an additional three days to file. Now that today is the day, we have no more advice for you on how to save money, how to pay your taxes or how to avoid missing deductions and credits and whatnot. Instead, we thought we might offer you a few more important pieces of advice that seem a bit difficult to remember on a day like today.

For one, it’s Monday. Few people enjoy a Monday. You’re probably a bit tired from the weekend, a bit bitter that Monday shows up so fast and you’re probably very annoyed with yourself that you procrastinated this long on your income tax return and now you have to go stand in line at the post office to have your extension of time postmarked or your income taxes postmarked. It happens; even though you are swearing right now it will not happen again.

Before you allow this day to stress you out more than it needs to, let us remind you of just a few things that you can do to make sure you keep it together today. There are a few things you might forget in the rush to get this done and over with, and we want to make sure you don’t make your situation worse than it already is.

  • Sign your return
  • Make sure your documents are attached
  • Make sure you are mailing your income taxes to the correct address for the state in which you reside and for the way you are filing (refund due or payment due)
  • Get in line at the post office early so you have plenty of time to wait in line
  • Double check your direct deposit banking information
  • Relax
  • Go to happy hour

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