Spending Money Will Not Solve These Problems

spending money

Spending money is like an addiction for many people. It’s a way to feel better emotionally and physically and in terms of happiness. Some people use money to feel better because they feel it works. Sure, a great new pair of shoes or a new car is going to make you feel better, but only for a short time. It’s not going to make you feel infinitely better. If you suspect you might be an emotional spender, read on to find out which problems spending money will not solve.

A Mid-Life Crisis

That bright red convertible sports car is going to make you feel really good on a gorgeous fall day with the top down and the smell of pumpkins and apples in the air, but it’s not going to solve your problems. You’re getting older, and trying to look younger isn’t going to help. Spending money is not going to make you feel younger or more satisfied or more successful.

Becoming a Better Person

Spending money does not make you a better person. Some people feel that spending money on spiritual journeys or other feel good items is going to make them feel like a more enlightened or better person, but it’s not. It’s just going to make you feel stupid when you realize that a $10,000 foreign spa trip is not the answer to your problems.

Being Unhappy

Being unhappy is a problem a lot of people face, but it’s not one that money can fix. Sure, you can buy things that make you happy with money, but you can’t buy happiness. You can buy new shoes or new cars or new houses and feel happy in the moment, but spending money is not going to make you happy in the long run.

Being Untalented

If you want to be good at something, you have to practice. Some people feel that they can buy themselves talent, and it’s just not true. For example, buying your way into Harvard is not going to make you a genius, it’s just going to get you into the school and make you work even harder to succeed. Spending money does not buy you skills or talent.

A Not-Very-Nice Person

If you’re not a nice person, spending money is not going to change that. You cannot buy friends or fans with your money. Sure, there are people in the world that will love to take your money and your generosity from you, but they certainly will not be your friend or find you to be a nice person. They’ll likely just find you to be a bit desperate.

Failed Relationships

You cannot spend money to make a failed relationship better. If you aren’t working out with someone, it’s not because of your lack of spending money. You can’t spend money on fixing a relationship that’s just not working. It just doesn’t happen. In fact, you need a lot of things to fix a relationship that can’t be purchased with money.

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