Simple Ways To Avoid Checking Account Mistakes

checking account

Checking account mistakes are something that happen to everyone from time to time.  Whether your checking account mistakes are being off by a few cents or a few hundred, it is important to catch them because they add up over the course of time and can cause you huge problems.

It is best to proactive in guarding against checking account mistakes.  One of the best things you can do to avoid them is to balance your checkbook daily.  If you allow receipts to pile up until the end of the week, you take the chance of losing receipts or even going over if your balance tends to dip kind of low.

Always use a calculator when you balance your checkbook and check your work twice.  A calculator is much more accurate than we are.  There is always the chance that you hit something incorrectly on the calculator which is why you should check your balance twice.

Don’t attempt to balance your checkbook on the go.  This has been the source of several checking account mistakes on my part.  I just cannot and should not attempt to balance my checking account while in the checkout line at the grocery store or while children in the backseat are clamoring for ice cream.

You should also try to check your account daily online if your bank offers that particular service.  Most banks do.  This is good to help you to keep on track and also let you know quickly if you have forgotten to write something down.

If you really struggle with keeping your checking account current and accurate, you may want to speak to your bank about overdraft protection.  This can save you money you would ordinarily pay out on fees for bounced checks.

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