Save on Items You Cannot Live Without

While many have no complaints when it comes to their income, others are stretching to make ends meet. Those who are already comfortable may find it annoying that their salaries are not increasing because of the economy, but those who are struggling to make ends meet are extremely frustrated with their stagnant incomes. To make matters even worse for everyone, the next few months will see a significant increase in prices on some of the things you simply cannot live without.


The cost of groceries is expected to rise 2.5 to 3.5 percent over the summer, according to This means that the already high prices you are paying at the counter will rise even more. While there is no real way to beat paying the asking price for items you need, you can reduce costs by buying in bulk and using coupons. Try shopping when stores are offering incentives such as buy one get one free items. If your kids eat cereal like it’s going out of style and their favorites are buy one get one free, stock up. It may cost more upfront to buy four or six boxes, but you won’t be buying it again for a while and two or three free boxes is a pretty good deal when most cereal costs about $4 per box.


All right, gas prices have been high for quite some time, which makes it pretty pointless to complain about it. However, with close to the $4 per gallon mark – and higher in some places – many people cannot afford to fill up their tank as often as they once did. The only way to beat gas prices is to carpool, save gas by doing all your errands on one trip and by making sure your tire pressure is correct at all times. Furthermore, you could start shopping at grocery stores that offer gas discount incentives. You may not save much, but paying a few cents less each time you fill up can add to significant savings.

Homeowners Insurance

Last year was one of the worst years in history in regards to natural disasters. As a result, the price of homeowners insurance will increase another 4 to 5 percent this summer. To ensure that you are paying the absolute lowest price, check competitor’s rates and install a home security system. Insurance companies often offer a discount for homeowners with a security system.


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