Save Money Buying Exactly What You Want

In times of economic uncertainty, it makes a lot of sense to try and save money. However, when it comes to saving money on your purchases, you don’t have to forgo buying what you actually want. All you have to do is know a few little tricks that will help you get exactly what you want for a significantly less expensive price. You don’t have to say no to what you want; just say yes to shopping around to save a little money.

Check Online

So you love that Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress you saw at Saks, but don’t want to spend $498? Go to the Saks website, find the dress and remember the style name. Now, head to Google and enter the designers name and the style name of the dress followed by the word, “Sale” and click search. You’ll be amazed at what you find. You might find the same dress on sale at Nordstrom for 50 percent off or you might find one very similar to it from last season on sale on the 6pm website for $49.

Discount Stores

Want a gorgeous new settee for your living room? Don’t head to the furniture store, check the discount stores. Have you ever wandered through the home décor and furniture section at TJ Mass or Home Goods? It’s amazing! The best part is that the price is always right, too!

Wait for the Sale

I have a secret. I’m obsessed with Jimmy Choo and rarely wear anything on my feet not designed by him. But you know what? I’ve never, ever paid full price for a pair of his shoes. Instead, I just befriended a sales associate at my local Jimmy Choo boutique and she now emails me the week before they have any sales. She sends me pictures of every shoe that will be on sale, how much of a discount it will be and asks me if she’d like me to pull any in my size to hold onto until the sale begins so I can come in and pick them up. When you make friends with the associates, you’ll find that they’re more than happy to help you find what you want at a much better price – and you’ll know before anyone else when it’s going on sale.


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