Reasons Why You Should Avoid Credit Cards And Pay With Money You Have

Credit cards are easy to get and even easier to use.  Practically everyone gets their mailbox stuffed with them on a weekly basis.  But does that mean that credit cards are a good thing?  Not necessarily.

Credit cards are dangerous territory.  While there are some very responsible individuals that do very well with credit cards, the rest of fall in a different category.  That would be the category of spending without prior thought and just because you see something on sale.

Unless you are the type of individual who will be dedicated to paying your credit cards off in full each and every month you should not own one.

Credit cards will quickly eat you up in interest.  What you pay ten dollars for can very easily end up costing you twenty before all is said and done.  Also, having credit cards means you will have additional bills to pay each month.  If you are late on the bill be prepared to pay a very hefty fine as your late fee.  With the money you are paying toward your credit cards each and every month you could pay for a lot of things with cash instead of credit.  If you take that route, you are avoiding interest and added fees.

Many people say that they have a credit card for emergencies.  While I agree that you need to have an emergency plan in place if a financial crisis happens, credit cards are not the answer.  Often emergencies are quite expensive and are beyond the scope of what you could hope to pay off fully when you credit card bill comes.  Better yet is to have savings for those emergency situations that tend to crop up on us.

Avoid credit cards and the additional debt that drags you down when you have them.


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