Use This Phrases to Help Sell Your House That Much Faster and For More

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It’s that time of year when you might be considering a move, a new home, a first home, a bigger home; so many things happen throughout the course of the year that it seems the beginning of a new year means new changes for the people of the world. That might mean that you’re in the market for a new home. If you already own a home, it might mean it’s time to sell and move on to accommodate your newest needs. The problem is that you need (or just want) to get the most for your home. When it’s time to sell, you want to enhance the home. You may visit real estate sites like to help you find a buyer for your home.

You know that you need to declutter, stage and make it look as gorgeous as possible on the outside and inside, but did you know that your adjectives might make a big difference in price? When you use certain words in your home’s listing, it’s more likely you will get more views, more interest and possibly even a higher asking price. What are those words? They’re right here.


You could just say that the home is in perfect condition, but that sounds boring. Tell buyers it’s impeccable and they imagine that it’s luxurious, high-end and desirable. It also makes them feel as if the quality of the home exceeds any others.


The implied meaning of this word is that it’s a nicer home. You could say that it’s a beautiful home, or a nice home, or a great home. However, saying that the home is captivating makes it immediately more appealing to buyers.


It might have a nice yard or pretty flowers. However, landscaped makes it sound as if your garden is designed by a team of residential yard work pros that work on it all day long to keep it looking amazing.


Basically, buyers are more interested in luxurious homes because they tend to have high-end amenities and finishes. If you have those, go with this adjective.


As opposed to a home with nice finishes or even high-end finishes, a buyer who sees the phrase “upgraded” immediately pictures a home that is nicer than the average home. Even if it doesn’t have anything that the rest of the neighborhood doesn’t have in terms of upgraded appliances or countertops, it still sounds better to buyers.

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