This Is Why No One Wants to Buy Your House

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It seems that the real estate market in many neighborhoods is hot right now for sellers. There are buyers everywhere looking to take advantage of low rates and competitive prices, and that’s good news for buyers. However, sometimes it’s not good news at all. Sometimes, in fact, it’s bad news. Your house might not sell right away; and it might not have anything to do with you – but it probably does. If your house is not selling but just sitting on the market, you very likely have one of these five very common issues.

Your Décor

Listen, we know you love your belongings. You put a lot of thought into how you want to decorate your home, what you want to be surrounded with and the things that you consider valuable memories. However, they mean next to nothing to the people that are looking at your house with interest. If it’s cluttered and impossible to see your house past all your beautiful memories, put them away for later. Staging is a big deal even though it might not sound much like it.

Your Price

If the price is too high, there is no one willing to buy the home. Let’s just say that you think your house is worth $500,000 but a realtor (plus two more back-up realtors) tell you that your house is worth $350,000. You decide you know what you’re talking about even though you are a teacher and not a realtor, and you list for your price. It doesn’t sell. There are two issues here; one, people can obviously purchase a home very similar to yours for a far lower price. Two, they can’t get a loan on a house that is selling for more than it’s worth. Keep that in mind.

Outdated Décor

Some houses are outdated, not upgraded and need a lot of work to make them modern and move-in ready. It’s all right; but you have to price the home to reflect this. No one is going to choose a house that’s outdated and needs a new kitchen and baths when the exact same house down the street is already updated and for sale for the same price.

You’re Selling Yourself

There is nothing wrong with selling your own home by owner, but you won’t find your house on MLS. What this means is that unless someone sees your sign, hears about your house or actually sees advertisements you have somewhere, they will not look at it. Realtors won’t even know it’s for sale since it will not be listed on the MLS site.

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