Small Changes that Upgrade Your Home Free of Charge

upgrading your house easily

Upgrading your home is expensive. It’s been almost a year and-a-half since my husband and I bought our dream home, and we’ve been slowly fixing it up as we go along. It was move-in-ready, but a few things were not to our taste. For example, the people who built the house did not clear much of the property. The house sits back on the far corner of our corner lot and they wanted privacy, so they didn’t have any of the trees removed anywhere in the yard. We hated that and wanted them out – so we paid more than $5,000 to have someone come remove all the trees. We didn’t like the countertops, so we paid $9,000 to have 141-square-feet of countertop replaced with granite. We have carpet, and we hate it, but we don’t want to bother with a project like that with two small babies at home, so we are putting it off a bit.

Did you know that you can upgrade you home free of charge in a few ways? It’s a nice concept for anyone who might not want to spend the money upgrading their homes, or who cannot afford to do any major work at the moment. Here are a few things you can do to upgrade your home right now, without paying a dime.

Add Mirrors

If you have a small room without much natural light, add mirrors to the room. This helps to make it look bigger and it reflects light so you get more natural light reflected throughout the room. This makes it look larger and more spacious.

Add Flowers

Fresh flowers are my favorite décor. You will find them on my kitchen island, on the nightstands in the master bedroom, on the fireplace, on my desk, on the coffee tables; everywhere. Head out to your garden and cut a few blooms to stick in a decorate vase or bowl and watch to see what a difference it makes.

Clean the Baseboards and Doors

One way to make your home look more amazing in no time at all is to simply clean your baseboards and doors. They are covered in dirty fingerprints, dust and who even knows what else. Clean them and watch as it makes the biggest difference you’ve ever noticed.

Raise the Roof

If you have long curtains in your home, raise them. Take the rod and move it as close to the ceiling as you can so that you can make your rooms look larger and more spacious. Remember; the shorter your curtains, the shorter your rooms look.

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