Home Renovations To Avoid if You Want to Add Value

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Maybe you’re trying to sell your home. Maybe you just want to add a few bells and whistles to make it that much more exciting. Maybe you just need to do some serious updating. Whatever it is, many of us take on the task of eventually upgrading our homes, renovating or replacing things that no longer work or are no longer so fabulous. Whatever it is, we have your back. The simple truth is that not everything you can upgrade at home is worth the price you put into it. Not every upgrade means a big return on your investment, and not every new and exciting home renovation project is worth the money.

Sometimes it’s a better financial decision to just let things go and let them stay as they are. I know you think I’m crazy, but I’m not. Sometimes the home improvement projects you are dying to invest in are not worth it. They’re not adding value to your home. That makes them all the more expensive. If you’re in the middle of a renovation, don’t let anyone try and talk you into any of these upgrades. They’re not upgrades at all.

Removing Rooms

A family my husband and I know decided it would be a genius idea to remove their garage (they never used it for anything anyway) and turn it into a giant playroom for their kids. This entailed removing the doors, air conditioning installation and insulating it. It was an expensive project, and it will never pay them back. You see, now they have a playroom but they don’t have a garage. When was the last time you wanted a playroom and no garage in your home? I prefer a garage; if I have kids, I want to be able to get them in and out of the car in the rain without everyone being soaked, you know?


I know, I know; pools are awesome. Except when they are not. Here in Florida, it’s uncommon to find a home without a pool. The reason is that it’s just hot all the time. We can use our pools year-round if we want. In fact, many people in our family swam on Christmas Day last year because it was in the 90s here. However, pools are not a good investment that add value to a home in most places. While homeowners are willing to pay more for a pool here, that is not the case everywhere. Many homeowners find pools to be too dangerous. They raise homeowners insurance, they are expensive to maintain, and they are not always usable in many other climates. Be sure that you live somewhere that’s hot all year if you’re considering swimming pool construction. If you do decide to embark on this project, get a temporary fencing service to close off the area to keep the members of the household safe while it remains in progress.

Removing Closets

A small bedroom for one of the kids might be made far more comfortable with the closet removed to add more space; especially since you can purchase an armoire or a dresser for clothing for a child. However, you cannot market a house as having so many bedrooms if the rooms do not have closets. Let’s say you have a three-bedroom home and you remove the closet in the small room to make it bigger for your son. When you are looking to sell your home or even just refinance it during appraisal, it’s going to be considered a 2-bedroom since there is no closet in that third room. It affects the value of your home in a way you don’t even want to consider. It’s not a good idea to remove closets at any time.

Custom Detail

I know you want to remove all the cabinets in your kitchen and install floating shelves, or you really want to go for that bright blue granite or marble or quartz in the bathrooms because it’s your favorite color; don’t. You might love floating shelves in the kitchen, but I can promise you more people do not love them than do. No one wants to buy a house that requires the installation of cabinets; it’s expensive. Additionally, you might love bright blue upscale bathroom counters, but I know I don’t and neither do many people. Most people want neutral accessories, especially when they are of the expensive variety.

Maybe buyers don’t even want to bother with painting a room that is an awful color because it takes a few hours and they’ll never get that back. However, imagine being a buyer and walking into a home that needs ample work that’ll cost thousands out-of-pocket right off the bat. Go for the granite or the marble or the quartz, but do it in a neutral shade. Never get too personal with permanent fixtures in your home because they turn buyers off more often than not. Think neutral and timeless in your designs. Whatever project you decide to embark on, first make sure that you find a Construction Supply Business that is able to provide all of the materials you will need to complete it before fully committing just to be safe.

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