Protect Your Identity & Save Money

Comedian Billy Connolly once said, “A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag.” and as funny as that may seem, he’s right, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

A woman’s purse is perhaps one of her most private of possessions. Many men (my husband included) simply have no desire to venture into a woman’s purse for fear of the unknown. Some joke it’s because of the mess, others claim it’s the inner sanctum but regardless, your purse reflects your mind and spirit so take a moment today and evaluate your purse.

If your purse is overflowing with credit cards, checkbook, receipts, coupons, loyalty cards, last week’s mail, your kids toys, snack wrappers, a drugstore worth of cosmetics, and the movie you forgot to return to RedBox last night then what does that say about your mental and financial state of mind? It’s not a pretty picture. By taking just 10 minutes to clean out your wallet and purse, you can start the week with a clear mind and fresh slate.

As you’re cleaning remember this, only carry the necessities. Reducing the number of items in your wallet or handbag prevents two things: over spending and identity theft.


Imagine this: You’re standing in the department store staring at a new sweater that costs $50+.  You don’t really need another sweater but being that it’s so cute, you whip out your credit card and buy it.  What if you didn’t have your credit card in tow and had to use cash?  Would you have bought the sweater?  The likely answer is no, cash is far more precious than plastic.  When you carry credit cards, it can almost nullify the justification process making it that much easier to make an unnecessary purchase.   So, remove the temptation of potential overspending by carrying only a debit card or cash. This should force you to evaluate each purchase and determine if it’s worth spending your cash on.

Identity Theft

Now imagine your purse gets stolen. How many phone calls would you have to make to cancel your credit cards? Would you be a prime candidate for identity theft?  Yep, if your purse houses your social security card, passport or any unnecessary types of personal identification.  Any items which display your social security number should never be with you on a daily basis. Reduce the risk and only carry your state issued photo id, military id (if applicable) and one debit card.




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