If You Do Anything Right in Personal Finance, At Least Do These Three Things

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The good news is that there is always financial advice at the ready for anyone looking to improve their financial lifestyle. It’s the most freeing feeling in the world to have financial freedom, the lack of worry over money and bills; the lack of frustration that comes with wondering how you will pay for this and that, and where you might find additional cash in case of an emergency. However, not everyone gets the most basic financial advice. We hear a lot of “do this in your 20s” and “have this by your 30th” and we don’t hear much of the “do this right now,” that comes along with just being an adult; until now.

Put $1,000 away

This is your emergency fund. Create this now; before you do anything else. Put it away and do not touch it other than to put a few extra dollars in it every time you get paid. The bigger, the better; but you have to have at least this much to begin with.

Live within your means

If you cannot afford a BMW, don’t buy one. Even if you get a great deal, can you afford the $130 oil changes or the parts when something goes wrong with it (and I had one for many years, and something always goes wrong with a Beemer). If you worry about how you will fix something or afford it once you have it in your possession, you cannot afford it.


This is not your emergency fund. This is your I want to buy a house or go on a nice vacation every year fund. You need to save money. It’s the most important thing you can do. You are the most important expense in your life, so go ahead and pay yourself first. Everything else falls to the wayside. Instead of paying for an expensive satellite television program, pay yourself first. If you cannot afford that satellite after you pay you, then don’t get it. Wouldn’t you rather afford you first?

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