Personal Finance Books You Can Get for Less Than $1 on Amazon

affordable books on amazon

If there is one thing that’s always worth purchasing used, it’s a book. After all, it’s always the same; yet a used book is so much better. There is nothing more comforting or refreshing than the feel of gently used pages and a book that’s been loved. Its pages are softer, more pliable, and it’s got the look of something that’s already had a nice run. Because books are so valuable in so many ways, we’ve come to learn that one of the best places to pick them up is Amazon. With their resell program, many of the books that are available online are very gently used and less than $1, which is impressive given the sales price of books these days.

Now, I’m all about spending money on a brand new book when it’s first released if it’s something that really is important to you (believe me, Harry Potter), but I also believe that when it comes to personal finance books, spending big money seems a bit counterintuitive. Why spend a bundle of money to learn how to save it? Why not spend $1 or less and learn to save? Not that we think you need to be taught after a genius move such as that.

Amazon offers numerous personal finance books for practically nothing, such as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” which is one of the most hugely popular finance books in the world. His books are very controversial since the author is very much an, “I’m correct and everyone else is not,” type, but his books sell well and he has a reputation as being quite helpful in the personal finance world.

Another great find on Amazon for less than a dollar is “The Millionaire Next Door,” which is a very open-minded look at the similarities between millionaires, the traits and the habits, beliefs and mindsets that puts them where they are in life. Other books you can find in the finance department for less than a dollar include “One Up on Wall Street,” and “The Automatic Millionaire,” both very useful personal finance tools.

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