Money Tips Couples Should Consider

You ask about his marital history, he asks about your education but you don’t ask about money. You check to see that no one is carrying any unwanted and contagious health issues and you talk about where you live, where you work, how many kids you want, your view on marriage and whether or not you are close to your family, but you don’t discuss money. What many couples don’t do, however, is discuss money. Maybe you feel that this isn’t an appropriate conversation to have until marriage, but all couples should make sure finances are of the utmost importance.

Save Money

All couples need to save, whether on your own or together and that is not something that you should ever forgo. When it comes to money, having a nest egg is a good idea at all times. One tip couples should know about saving money is that not every great date has to cost a lot. Some of the best dates are the ones you spend on your grass with a bottle of wine and a blanket watching the sunset or the stars shine and just enjoying one another’s company. Try saving your money at least once a week on a date and do something free instead.

Don’t Impress

Especially at the beginning of a relationship, many couples might try to impress one another. You might buy those shoes even though they’re over budget and he might splurge on a restaurant that he doesn’t typically patronize because of the menu prices. Don’t do it. Be real and save your money.

Think About the Future

Even if this is not the guy you’re going to marry or you already have kids or you’ve been married for a dozen years and you already have a house and a couple of cuties, you still need to think about the future. What happens when those cuties need to go to college or this handsome guy you just started dating decides to propose? Always consider the future when it comes to your money.


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