Money Does Buy Happiness And We’ll Tell You How

money and happiness

Money does buy happiness; I don’t care what anyone else thinks or says or believes. Of course, money will not make you happy no matter how much you have, what you buy or how you live if your life if you are just a miserable person. Money cannot literally buy you happiness. It cannot buy you true love, peace and contentment with your life. It cannot buy you good health or get rid of your depression, but it can buy happiness in other areas of your life. If you are already a happy person, you can buy a lot more happiness with more money. Want to know how? We can tell you what money can buy that will make you happy.


When it’s time to go to the doctor or when someone is hurt or injured or sick, knowing that you have the backup of insurance with you during your visit with the doctor is very important. Do you know how many people put off going to the doctor because they aren’t insured and worry abou the cost? Being able to afford insurance is a nice way to buy some peace and happiness.


When you have money in the bank, you don’t have to worry about when you will be able to pay your mortgage or when you can buy groceries or pick up new shoes for your kids. It is an amazing feeling, and it’s one you should not take for granted.

A home

When you have a home to live in, a dream home or even just a really nice home for now, you’re a lot happier. Knowing that you have a place to raise your kids, peace and comfort is a nice feeling. You can’t have that without some money, so it’s nice to know you can buy a piece of real estate happiness.


One of my closest friends told me once that growing up, his family had very little money. Going into the supermarket wasn’t always fun because they sometimes had to put items back at checkout. He’s now a millionaire with his own successful businesses and investments, and he said the best feeling in the world is going into the supermarket and picking out whatever he wants, as much as he wants and spending as much as he wants without worrying about the price.


Travel, a boat, date nights, books, shoes, handbags, golf club memberships, a wine club; these are all things that people enjoy. Whatever you enjoy is far easier to obtain when you have money. It’s just that simple. If you’re already happy and you can afford to do these things, you’re doing well.

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