Should Lying to your Spouse about Money be Considered Cheating?


Cheating is a very disturbing subject. It can break a marriage. It can ruin a relationship and the lives of children. It’s horrible; but not all cheating comes in the form of physical relationships with other people outside of a marriage or relationship. Sometimes cheating comes in the form of dishonesty. This could be an emotional relationship with someone that is not your spouse, and it can be in the form of financial lies. Yes, lying about money to your spouse should be considered cheating. Sometimes people do it because they want to protect their spouse, but it’s a terrible idea. Lying to your spouse about money can be very difficult, and it can make your life very difficult. It can ruin you. A lie, no matter how big or small, can cause a lack of trust, and a lack of trust can ruin a marriage. We have a few reasons why lying about money to your spouse can be considered a form of cheating.

It Breaks Trust

Being caught in a lie is a bad situation. It makes your spouse question just about everything else you’ve ever done in your marriage. Your spouse is less likely to trust you from this point on, and that makes marriage difficult.

It’s a Leading Cause of Divorce

Many couples end up divorced because of money. They can’t handle not having any, they can’t handle the way one spouse spends and doesn’t save or whatever. It’s a bad deal to be married to someone who can’t manage money and feels the need to lie about it.

Finances are Mutual

Even if you have separate accounts and like it that way, money is a mutual thing in a marriage. You have to be open and honest about it, or you’re never going to have a good relationship. Don’t let about money because it causes so many other problems. If you feel the need to lie about it, chances are good that you are doing something with it that’s not appropriate and can hurt your partnership.

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