Is Your House Insurance Policy Up To Date For The Best Coverage?

Is your house insurance up to date for the best coverage for your family?  Chances are that it isn’t.  We tend to think of house insurance as a one time purchase; we buy it and forget what we bought and simply pay the bill each time it comes.

Our house insurance is designed to cover our home and it’s contents in the event of an accident like fire, wind, flooding or theft.  The exact coverage we need is going to vary from year to year because our home and contents of our home change.

House insurance is a purchase that should be reevaluated at least annually.  Our coverage needs are going to change over time because what we are insuring is changing over time.  We are constantly making purchases that need to be included in our house insurance coverage.  These purchases could be a new electronic device, a new firearm or a new piece of jewelry or something entirely different.  The point is that if we don’t let our insurance agent know we have made this purchase they can’t make sure we have the coverage we need on our house insurance.

Another reason that our house insurance should be reevaluated is that we make changes to the home itself.  We may add a new deck and pool on in our backyard or build an attached garage.  It slips our mind to let our insurance agent know that our house insurance needs have changed.

For this reason, it is important to make an appointment to sit down with your insurance agent once a year to go over your policy and make any needed adjustments.  It is somewhat of a hassle to do this but it beats the alternative which is not having the coverage you need when the time comes you need to use it.  Be proactive in taking care of your house insurance and schedule an appointment with your agent today.




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