Is Your Child’s Identity Safe?

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As the mother of four small kids, nothing terrifies me more in life than something horrible happening to them. My job as their mother is to raise them to become amazing humans with kind hearts, compassion, ambition and motivation. I want them to be lovely human beings, intelligent and sweet. I also want them to be safe. I know that it’s not even remotely possible for me and my husband to protect them from every single thing that could go wrong in life; but it is our job to teach them how to protect themselves when we cannot be there for them and when they grow up.

It terrifies me to think that someone might actually ruin my children’s lives without them ever even knowing that it happened. However, it does happen. When crooks manage to get your child’s Social Security Number, bad things happen. It seems unfeasible that someone might steal the identify of a small child, but it’s been happening in record numbers. That’s why we check twice a year to see if our kids have a credit report history. They should not; they’re children. However, it happens; and it can ruin your child’s financial life.

I am very hesitant to give out SSN for my kids. My children’s pediatrician does not even have them. They ask at every single appointment for me to bring them in, and every single time I tell them I will, I will. I never do. I don’t like to give them to schools, either. Too many people have access to them, and it’s not necessary. I hold off on giving them to anyone unless they literally refuse to deal with me unless I do. That’s why we check all the time. Now is the time for you to do the same; check your child’s credit and monitor it for their own safety.

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