Is OnStar Worth the Price You Pay for Service?

OnStar Services

It wasn’t long ago when a friend asked me an honest question as we were driving to a new restaurant and needed directions. I pushed the button on my dash for OnStar to provide an address and have turn-by-turn directions sent to my SUV. She asked if the price I pay every month is really worth it considering I could actually just input the address of our destination in the maps on my iPhone and go from there. I thought about it. I pay $37 and change per month for the service, and I use it a lot. Do I use it enough to justify the price? I think I do; you might not think I do.

This got me thinking that there might be other people who aren’t sure whether or not the price is worth the service you get, so I thought I might try and answer. For me, yes; it’s worth it. For others, however, it might not be worth it. I use my directions two to three times per week, and I’ve used my roadside assistance several times (if there is a nail anywhere within 100 miles of my tires, rest assured I will run it over and need a new tire). However, what I really use is my unlocking device. It might not be worth it to you, but let me tell you a quick story so you can decide for yourself.

I’ve used my OnStar to have someone come jump me several times when I’ve had a dead battery (don’t you love kids and their lights and doors left open?) and when I’ve needed a new tire. However, I’ve used them several times to unlock my car when my keys were locked inside. Once when my kids were in the car. I set the keys on the seat to get one of my then-infant twins and then I went to walk around the car to get the other baby. I shut the door behind me. The car was in the garage. The second I shut the door, I heard the inevitable click of the doors locking; with my other infant still in the car. Mind you, this is Florida. My garage is hot, the weather is hot; it was already above 90 and my baby is in the car. I went to smash the window when I remembered OnStar. I called and was in my car less than 30 seconds after dialing the number. Nothing was broken, nothing damaged, and my baby was in the car only a few seconds longer than he would have been otherwise. That’s why OnStar is worth the price to me. You’ll have to decide for yourself, however.

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