10 Investment Strategies that go Against the Grain


When it comes to your investment portfolio, you probably don’t care what is done as long as the numbers grow and your wealth continues to multiply. Of course, that’s something that is not always guaranteed, and it’s something that you can’t predict. The investments you make are always questionable. Sure, some come with a lot less risk than others, but that does not change the fact that you sometimes have to do things that might not go with the grain when it comes to making investments. If you want to make a major change in your financial future, you have to go against the grain at times. You have to make decisions that will change your life for the better. You have to think outside the box. You will never achieve greatness if you never take risks or make mistakes or learn from those mistakes. We aren’t saying you should go risking all your financial assets, but you should take a few minutes to consider the fact that you can do something good for yourself, such as go against the grain with some of your investments so that you can potentially multiply your return and change your financial future. And we have 10 investment concepts that aren’t exactly inside the box, and they might just surprise you.

Don’t Change

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your portfolio is not to change anything. This means taking your money and leaving it where it is. Sometimes you get so excited about the prospect of something new and exciting that you often forget that slow and steady is not a bad thing. Sometimes staying put is a good idea.

Pay Off Debts First

Before you go investing your money to make money, pay off your debts. It’s just common sense, but it’s not something so many people think to do. They don’t think that it’s possible to make it through their lives without investing if they’re paying off debts, but being in debt is too dangerous for your financial future.

Take Risks

It’s not what you are supposed to do when you invest, right? Well, you should do it. You should take risks and make changes in your life and invest in things that might otherwise make you nervous and scare you. You can do this because you have the power. Without risk comes very little reward.

Ignore Safety in Numbers Rules

When everyone is selling their stock, ignore them. You can sometimes bounce back just staying put faster than you can selling with everyone else. You can’t always follow the crowd or you will never see any reward. You will sometimes do better staying put and ignoring what everyone else is doing with their investments.

Wait it Out

If you’re young enough to do this, wait it out. Those of us who lost a lot of money when the market crashed in 2008 were worried, but we are young. We have decades to see our returns become profitable and our income go back up into the numbers we want to see. We have the chance to make big changes, and that’s what we are doing.

Think Long-Term

The long-term is what’s important. What you need to do is make your investment strategies with the long-term in mind. If you can make sure your investments are doing well as you grow older, you’ll be find. However, you shouldn’t just make change after change after change when you should be considering the future. Imagine this as a savings account that you will watch grow. It’s not a lot at a time, but it is enough at a time. You have to keep the future in mind if you want to make it as bright as possible.

Forget Short-Term

So many people are so fixated on the short-term profits they can make that they have no idea this section is exactly the same as the last; but it’s so important. You have to forget the short-term unless you are at an age in which the short-term is the longer-term for you. Short-term investments are usually not what people ignore; they want to see the most they can as quickly as possible. But that’s not what we want you to do right now.

Input the Max

Do it; do it all the time. Any retirement accounts you have should have the maximum amount allowed at all times. You should not borrow from them and you should make it a habit to do things the right way. And you should always input the max. Don’t go broke, of course, but do take advantage of what inputting the maximum allowable amount can do for you and your financial future.

Think Passive

Sometimes it’s the passive that helps more. Imagine it like this; you’re angry because someone was mean to your child at school for no reason other than the fact that they are just a little bully. You can be aggressive, call the parents of said child and ream them out by yelling, making them feel small, demanding apologies and being a downright you-know-what. Or, you could be passive. You could wait it out, come up with a better plan, speak to the parents in a calm and reasonable manner, make your point known and then handle the situation as you see fit if it happens again. The more passive choice is the one that is going to make the biggest impact. The same goes for your investments, too.

Go with Your Gut

Financial advisors are not huge fans of this piece of advice, but it’s a good one. You have a gut instinct, and it’s sometimes – usually – correct. Go with it and learn to love it. If you feel that it’s time to invest in something that others aren’t into, do it. If you feel it’s time to sell something, do it. Your gut is usually right and that does make a huge difference in the way that you are able to see your financial future grow.

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