Is Pet Insurance Worth the Price?


Do you have a pet? If you do have pets, you might wonder whether or not pet insurance is something you actually need or if it’s something that you can live without. It’s an interesting question that does bring about a lot of controversy. For some, pet insurance is a new and very novel concept. For others, it’s something they’ve had for years. Some believe that it’s a waste of money. But the simple truth is this; pets can be very expensive if they become sick, ill or injured. I can tell you from experience that when I adopted a dog two days before Christmas and it promptly came home and ate our cat, the vet bill for the cat’s collapsed lungs, failing kidneys and shock was quite expensive. In fact, it was $720 expensive, and we were there for less than an hour when they sent the cat home to die with us (on a good note, the cat did not die and he is still here with us. On a bad note, if he jumps on my counters one more time, he’s going to wish the dog killed him). Pets are expensive, and pet insurance can help alleviate a bit of the cost associated with taking care of you pets in an emergency situation.

What you have to do is consider whether or not the cost of pet insurance outweighs the cost of vet bills. Many of us go years without taking our animals to the vet for anything more than just that annual check-up. But when something like what happened to my cat happens to you, can you afford that? I’ll tell you that while I waited, devastated for my kids who witnessed the attack on their beloved cat, the vet asked me to tell her where I’d like them to stop treatment as far as money was concerned. It was at that point I realized that some people have to go into the vet and make the decision to leave their cat there to die because they can’t afford to pay the bill. I was fortunate that we could afford the bill and that it didn’t get any higher than that because there was nothing more they could do. So it does pay to have pet insurance.

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