Are Online Health Insurance Quotes Accurate?


If you read it on the internet, it must be true. Right? Of course that would mean the president is really an alien, the Duchess of Cambridge has been pregnant with triplets 86 times in the past year and Oprah is really a robot. But yeah, we can see how you might think that what you read online is always the honest to goodness truth. The same can be said for online health insurance quotes. They’re there, but that doesn’t mean they’re accurate. In fact, that doesn’t make them even remotely true.

And then it could mean they are accurate, that is what you will pay, and everything is just that simple. But all we know for certain is that sometimes online health insurance quotes are accurate and sometimes they’re not. So just how do you know if the numbers you’re given are accurate? You have to talk to an agent and provide all your information. In the meantime, we can help you figure out how and why these online quotes are not always true.

Discounts and Incentives Change

This could have a big effect on the premium you are quoted one day. If there is some sort of special offer for certain people, it will end. If you don’t sign a contract for that price right away, chances are good that it will go away and the price you were quoted will no longer be considered accurate. Keep this in mind when choosing your insurance company.

Too Much Time has Lapsed

It’s a common occurrence. You fill out an online quote application and three weeks later decide you want to go forth with the quote. There’s been so much time in between point A and point B that you very likely now have to deal with the fact that you will not get the same price. Plans change, policies change and prices change.

It’s a Ballpark

When you go to fill out the actual in-depth coverage information for your application, your information might change that quote. It’s designed to take basic information and give you a ballpark. The quote you’re given is rarely the actual price you will pay. You might be somewhere around that figure, but it really is just a ballpark figure.

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