Key Information about Aetna Health Insurance

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Enrollment Fair Held In Southern California

Aetna is one of the leading health insurance brands in the country, but it’s not widely available anymore except during the correct enrollment periods. Despite the fact that the Affordable Care Act is now in effect, millions of people have been dropped from their Aetna health insurance plans due to the fact that their policies are no longer in effect thanks to their inability to meet the ACA’s policies. However, those who lost their insurance from this company are free to apply for more insurance. This could entail finding insurance through your employer with Aetna or finding insurance with the company through an individual policy through the marketplace. If you haven’t signed up for insurance yet, you have until February 15 to do so, and that means you need to get started looking at plans as soon as possible. Here are a few things you need to know about Aetna policies as of right now.

You can Apply Online

You can go to the website for the company and apply for a policy online. However, the quote you are given might not be the payment you will make each month. The reason for this is that quotes are preliminary and have to be made possible by providing more information.

You can Apply with Pre-Existing Conditions

In the past, people who already suffered from health issues were not able to apply for many forms of insurance. This is not the case anymore. For example, if you are pregnant and need maternity coverage, Aetna has to offer it to you according to the new healthcare laws.

You’ll Pay a Fine Without It

If you choose not to get healthcare coverage this year, you will face a penalty next year. The penalty will be added to the income tax liability you have at the beginning of next year and take effect on your 2015 income tax return as you file in 2016.

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