The Craziest Ways People Save Money on Their Car Insurance

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Scratching something into the windows of my car sounds a lot like something my 5-year-old might do. She’s been known, after all, to draw on her bed, her walls, her curtains and her doors when she cannot find paper. She does this by slyly asking us if she can color in her room. We, thinking she means coloring on paper or in a coloring book while sitting at her desk, tell her of course that’s all right with us. Turns out, she’s a sneaky little monkey sometimes (the good news is that magic eraser fixes those problems immediately).

If ever you notice that there is anything scratched into the windows of my vehicle, I can assure you it is that darling middle-ish child of ours. However, some people are saving big bucks by scratching things into their vehicle windows, and I promise you that I’m not joking. There are a few pretty clever and insane ways that Americans are saving money on their insurance these days, and you’re going to be just a little bit shocked when you hear how some are doing just that.

Before you go making crazy decisions and scratching things into windows, though, make sure you’re doing it the right way. If you’re looking to save some serious money, perhaps you might want to try a few of these genius tips from people across the country.

Get A New Job

Are you looking for a career change, or did you recently change your job? You might want to call your car insurance company and let them know, because it might just save you money. It turns out that many insurance companies do not make it publicly known that they are happy to lower your insurance if your career is one that’s low risk.

What does that mean? Well, it means you are not getting a discount on your insurance if you are a New York City cab driver or police officer. However, you might get a nice insurance discount if you have a low risk job. Are you a librarian? Are you a teacher or an accountant or a pilot? Insurance companies know that these people are some of the least likely to get into an accident. Therefore, they are willing to lower your insurance rates as a reward for working a relatively safe and accident-free job.

Fill Your Wallet

Not with money; though you should if you can. We are talking about filling your wallet with awesome discount cards. Do you have an AARP card? Do you have an AAA card? The more cards you have, the more likely you are to find an insurance discount. I didn’t know this, but I can get an insurance discount simply by showing off my Sam’s Card to my insurance company.

If you have a discount card or warehouse card or anything of that nature, you can get a nice discount yourself by showing it off and making it known to the people that you are insured with. They’re going to offer you a few discounts and save you a few bucks in the process.

Deface the Windows in Your Ride

It really does almost hurt me to say this to you, but I really do feel that I have to. It’s so easy to do that so many people might actually want to consider doing this. Do you have a car that’s insured and want to save a few dollars on your insurance? Did you know that insurance companies offer discounts to people who take the time to scratch their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) onto their windows?

They do; and it’s because a thief is far less likely to steal a car that has its identifying information all over it. It’s more difficult for them to get around it in, sell it for parts and essentially keep things under wraps when such a telltale sign is all over the car. We are not saying you have to obstruct your view, but you should try this if you want to save a few dollars on your insurance premiums.


This might not work for everyone, but it does work for some people. Saving money on insurance is really easy if you move. Some states are simply far less expensive in terms of insurance. Additionally, even living in the same state in a smaller city might lower your premiums. For example, we can tell you that people in Maine pay far less in insurance than anyone else in the country thanks to the fact that people there are simply less expensive to insure.

If you want to save on insurance, get a job that’s not in the city. Get one that’s close to home and minimizes your driving time. Move to a city that has less traffic, or to a home that’s not in the middle of a busy area. These are all things that might make a huge difference in how much you pay to your insurance company every year.

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