What State Farm Wants Consumers to Know about Auto Insurance


If you get into an accident while driving, your car insurance will cover your damages and losses and even your injuries. Unless, that is, you don’t have auto insurance; and then you’re certainly going to find yourself in a bind. State Farm offers auto insurance to people across the country, and their insurance rates are highly competitive. Of course, not everyone finds their rates are more affordable with State Farm, but auto insurance is so complex that it should come as no surprise that most people have no idea what they are doing when it comes to shopping for insurance in the first place. For example, did you know that State Farm has the ability to cancel your policy at any time if they so choose? Did you know that you can get discounts in you pay your auto insurance premiums in full with State Farm? There’s a lot you might not know about auto insurance through State Farm, which is why we are breaking down their policies so that you know what to expect with a policy from this company.

State Farm Can Cancel Your Policy at Any Time

They can’t cancel your policy without written notification beforehand, but they have every right to cancel your policy even if you don’t want to cancel it yourself. The company wants to represent good drivers, people who are safe on the road and people who are honest. If you fail to pay your premiums when they are due, if you choose not to abide by your contract, if you claim too many incidents or accidents or if the company finds out you lied on any of your applications or during the insurance process, they can deny and cancel your policy at any time. You sign a contract that states your personal information is true to fact, and violating that statement can cause you to lose your insurance.

You Have to Wait for Your Insurance Renewal to Cancel Insurance

The same goes for any other company. State Farm wants their customers to save money and to have better coverage, but they also want customers to know that switching from another company to theirs for a new auto insurance policy comes with some stipulations. For example, if you decide to leave your current company for State Farm, you have to do it the right way. No longer sending payment or stopping payment before it is taken from your account is not enough to cancel your policy with any company.  Your insurance company could actually report you to the credit bureau for this and you could end up paying higher rates in the future.

State Farm Insurance Quotes are Not 100% Accurate

You might think that you are getting a better rate with State Farm – or another policy – when you apply for your policy online to see a quote. However, those quotes are not set in stone by any insurance company, including State Farm. You have to send in an actual application and have your information reviewed by the company before a real quote is issued. Generic information can generate a quote for you, but there is no telling until your actual personal information and driving information is received by any insurance company whether or not your policy is actually going to cost X or Y or Z.

State Farm Encourages You to Call

If you are a customer of State Farm and you decide to get a new car, State Farm wants you to call them to talk about your auto insurance policy. They can, very quickly over the phone, tell you approximately what your new insurance rate will be if you choose to go with a new car. All you have to do is provide the year, make and model and whether or not the vehicle has any additional safety or security features and State Farm can tell you in minutes how this new vehicle will impact your auto insurance policy with their company. This is the company’s way of ensuring that their drivers know how their vehicle will affect their policy and their payments. Many people rely on this information prior to purchasing a car to let them know if they can truly affect a specific new car or if they need to get something a bit different.

State Farm Wants to Save You Money

This is a company that offers a number of different ways for customers to save with their insurance. State Farm understands that life experiences can be expensive, which is why they want to save you wherever possible. They offer discounted rates to married couples and even to new teen drivers. It’s expensive to add a teen to your policy no matter how responsible that teen is, and this company understands you need a break. That’s why they offer discounts to students who can prove they make good grades and those who keep their driving record clear. This even applies to all your kids until they are 25 as long as they are full-time students with at least a B average in all classes. It’s a simple way to save you money that doesn’t require anything more than continuing to foster a love of education and reiterating the importance of good grades to your children.

Switching to State Farm

The switch to State Farm is not as bad as some people might think. This company is one that is willing to work with you to make sure that you get the coverage you want and that you don’t have to deal with any hassle. They’re willing to extend their hours to work with you, they are willing to meet with you so that it works well with your schedule and they are willing to talk to you at anytime. There is so much that this company has to offer new drivers, veteran drivers and families who are looking to ensure that they are saving as much as possible when they are paying for their insurance. The policies might not be less expensive for some drivers, but they are for many.

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