Let’s Do a Car Insurance Comparison of All the Majors

car insurance comparison

Car insurance is one of the most valuable and most important things you can pay for over the course of your life, which is why it pays to do a comprehensive commercial auto insurance comparison before settling on a company to handle your car insurance needs. What might seem like a fairly simple concept of paying someone a few bucks a month to cover your vehicle in case of an accident or other unavoidable occurrence is actually far more complex; do you own your car outright? Do you have a loan on your car? Do you drive a car with a security system? How old is your car? What kind of car do you drive? Is your car big or small? Is your car a luxury car? Do you have more than one driver in your household? How old is that driver? Is that driver married or single? Is that driver male or female? Does that driver have a less than stellar record on the road?

There are literally dozens of different factors are taken into consideration by car insurance companies when choosing whether or not to offer you this package, that package or this coverage or even your premiums. You never know what you’re going to get until you do a car insurance comparison of all the big companies to find out what will benefit you the most. We will warn you, however, that even a car insurance comparison of the four major car insurance companies is not going to give you a complete idea of what you can expect through your car insurance company. You still have to send in your personal information and wait for each company to provide you with a quote.

That said, it does help to know as much as possible about the major car insurance companies. It does help with comparisons and with understanding which companies are the best. And no, you cannot really choose a car insurance company based on the status of their commercials. After all, how on earth would you be able to choose between Jake from State Farm, Flo from Progressive and the Gecko from Geico? Seriously, it’s impossible.

Each one of these major car insurance companies offers the same coverage types and plans, and many of them offer their own unique spin on safe driving and savings. Geico insurance allows their customers to find parking spaces anywhere in the world. State Farm allows you to use your OnStar device to rate your driving and get discounts for being a safe driver. There are so many different car insurance options available for drivers that a comprehensive car insurance comparison is necessary.

Take into account your driving habits, your household, your location and what you find most important and keep that at the forefront of your mind as you go through the features that each company has to offer. Combined, this knowledge makes it simple to find the most affordable and useful.

Geico Car Insurance

One of the leading car insurance companies in the world, Geico has a lot to offer their customers. One of the most impressive aspects of Geico as a car insurance provider is their customer service. Rated among the best in the car insurance industry, it makes perfect sense to want to work with a company that has your best interests at heart and manages to make you feel welcome when you call.

Present since the 1930s, Geico really became popular when it began using its famous little green lizard in advertising spots and commercials. Some of the best features about Geico includes the car insurance company’s online service options, the convenience of the company’s hours and the many locations across the country. Finding a Geico car insurance office in your area is simple, and that’s what people like. They like a first name basis type of relationship with their insurance agent, that’s what Geico has to offer those who come into their offices and do business with their agents. Having one specific agent assigned to you and your account is what makes this nationwide business feel like such a neighborhood operation. Customer service is key.

Perks of Geico Car Insurance:

  1. Geico saves customers up to 40% when switching car insurance agencies
  2. Bundle packaging on many car insurance needs
  3. Personal service
  4. Free online car insurance comparison tools
  5. Free estimates and quotes
  6. Your choice of repair shops and companies when using Geico after an accident
    1. You get to choose the repair service and it’s guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle, which is not a program any other car insurance companies offer to their customers
  7. Gas Price App
    1. One thing that Geico insurance offers to customers is a link on their website that allows you to enter your current location so that you can find the cheapest gas prices near you at that time. It’s a great savings tool that extends outside the realm of traditional car insurance savings
  8. Premium discounts for those who are federal employees, students, and members of the US Armed Forces
  9. Discounts for all Geico car insurance policy holders from major retailers in your area
  10. Comprehensive online support
  11. The ability to handle your claims, payments and plans online
  12. Easy payment options (online, through the mail, in person and over the phone)
  13. Parking Locator
    1. This might sell you on Geico by itself. Finding parking in a busy area or unfamiliar city is not often an easy task, but with the Geico parking locator tool, you can find parking, book a spot and even sort out the prices, locations and amenities that parking garages have to offer to their clients
  14. Coverage and policies for all types of vehicles, including ATVs, campers and motorcycles, classic cars and boats
  15. Homeowners insurance for single family dwellings, condos, co-ops, mobile homes and even rental insurance is offered

State Farm Car Insurance

State Farm is one of the most widely known car insurance companies in the country. In fact, I’ve used State Farm my entire life for all my insurance needs and I have no complaints and nothing but love for this particular company. It’s really hard not to love doing business with the company that brought us Jake from State Farm, a character designed to make us giggle no matter how many times we’ve seen the commercial. It’s delightful. With excellent and highly personalized customer service, State Farm makes it easy for all of us to enjoy our company and not feel much stress when life is turned upside down and insurance is need.

Personal service, comprehensive plans and low premiums make State Farm a great company to work with, and they offer things that most of the biggest car insurance companies in the country offer, which is what makes them competitive. Another one of the greatest things about State Farm, too, is that it’s not uncommon to see local agents on the news working within their communities to raise money for charitable causes, for locals in need and to teach teens and other drivers the importance of driver safety. Something else that State Farm car insurance offers that not every company offers is a discount for great drivers who have shown their loyalty to the company.

Perks of State Farm Car Insurance:

  1. Competitive pricing
  2. A multitude of insurance options from car to home to life
  3. Easy online resources
  4. Easy payment options
  5. Connected Care Feature
    1. This is a form of technology that makes it easier for families with elderly members keep track of their safety with devices that provide a multitude of options such as activity sensors, auto lights, medication reminders and emergency response capabilities. All options are fully customizable so that everyone can make the most of their needs and keep their families as safe as possible.
  6. Easy to use mobile apps
  7. The Drive Safe and Save Program
    1. Allow State Farm to use your vehicle’s communication service such as OnStar or SYNC to determine how well you drive and use that information to offer you a 50% discount on your premiums based on the findings
  8. Pocket Agents
    1. This State Farm car insurance option allows you to download a simple app and then view your insurance card, submit claims and view your account with the very simple touch of a button
  9. CarCapture
    1. Use this to take a photo of the type of car you want to buy and then the app finds the car you want, shows you the features, finds all the vehicles near you and then shows you a list of dealers
  10. Steer Clear
    1. All drivers under the age of 25 can take this course to become eligible for discounts for being safe drivers
  11. MoveTools
    1. If you are planning a move, use this to plan the entire thing from start to finish; this includes finding boxes, finding a moving company or moving van and even routing your new directions for you

Progressive Auto Insurance

What sets Progressive’s auto insurance apart from the rest is the fact that this is the company that has inspired a number of creative Halloween costumes as everyone wants to dress up as the perpetually sunny and perky Flo from Progressive. In all seriousness, though, this is a company that offers a number of benefits to those who want to drive with the company and want to insure their vehicles through the company. With a full range of products that includes everything from car insurance to homeowners insurance and everything in between, this is a company that has a lot to offer.

Start by filling out a short form with your basic information and receive an auto insurance quote right away, and that will help you determine – along with the many options we have found for you here – whether or not this is the car insurance company you should work with for your driving needs. With a number of extra savings tools available to most drivers, there is always at least one way you can really save when it comes to using this particular system to make the most of your insurance needs.

Perks of Progressive Auto Insurance:

  1. Plug-in Snapshot
    1. This program allows you to plug snapshot into your car when you drive so that Progressive can see how you drive. It monitors your habits such as braking, acceleration and many others to determine your likelihood of being pulled over or involved in an accident, and then begins to tailor your discounts for safe driving based on the information that it finds
  2. Name your Price Tool
    1. No, this is not the new way that Progressive is trying to become Priceline. This is a feature no other car insurance company offers, and it’s a good one. You can try to pay for car insurance by offering the company a price and allowing them to take all your personal information into consideration. They’ll have to use your personal information to build a policy that’s right for you and your budget, but they’ll likely be able to do it.
  3. Save 10% when you combine your policies such as home and auto
  4. Pay upfront for more savings
    1. Like all the car insurance agencies listed here, Progressive’s auto insurance policies allow you to choose how you want to pay. You can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly on your insurance, and you can pay in person, over the phone, online or through the mail. However, know that there are big discounts for all drivers willing to pay their yearly premium upfront – such as no monthly account fees and a discount. If you add automatic payments to your account, you will earn even more discounts when it comes to paying for your new car insurance policy.
  5. Price Comparison Tool
    1. Progressive offers all drivers a chance to see what they’d pay with this company in comparison to other companies. The difference is sometimes staggering. What’s nice about this tool, too, is that sometimes you’ll find that Progressive is not the lowest price. Not many companies are willing to admit that sometimes their prices are higher so that customers head to a different company; but Progressive wants to save you money.
  6. Easy online resources
  7. Numerous insurance options from car to home to life
  8. Perks available to good drivers such as accident forgiveness and a loyalty rewards program
  9. Easy change of life situations when you have a baby, get married, move or buy a new home
  10. PerkShare program that allows you to save on car rentals and other items.

Traveler’s Insurance Company

What we really do like about an auto insurance policy with Traveler’s Insurance is the fact that most people have no idea just how much at risk they really are. At Traveler’s Insurance, the company offers their customers a free tool that allows you to see how much at risk your business or personal information is, and it tells you where you need more protection for you and your family. It’s called the Cyber Risk Pressure Test, and it’s available right on the Traveler’s Insurance company’s website. It’s a unique feature that not many companies like this offer, and it’s what sets this one apart from the rest of the auto insurance companies that offer their products to customers across the country.

At Traveler’s it’s all about preparing and preventing damage from happening, which is why so many customers love this company. It’s always such a hassle to have to deal with an insurance company over an accident since you were not planning on the accident and did not set aside the amount of time needed to fill out paperwork and claims. With Traveler’s they want you to just stay safe and avoid this as a whole, so they work hard to teach you to do just that.

With programs designed to keep your home and automobile safe, customers at Traveler’s Insurance are more likely to save money here than anywhere else, since they can bundle their packages and save significantly. It’s one of the features that many people love the most about this company, and it’s one that offers a number of benefits that many people do not consider. With offices all over the country, there is always a Traveler’s insurance group nearby. Go into the office or go online to find out what type of quote you’re looking at for your automobile needs so that you can do a car insurance comparison to find out where you’ll find the best prices.

Traveler’s Insurance Company Perks:

  1. A website designed with safe driving tips
    1. What people love about this company’s website is that it’s designed to ensure you are always safe. From offering advice as to where to put your pets when they are in the car to keep both them and yourself safe to knowing what type of fall car maintenance is required to keep your car in tip-top shape this time of year, it’s all here for you. Not all car insurance companies offer that kind of insider information, which is highly valuable.
  2. Distracted Driving Tips
    1. If there is one thing that causes more accidents than anything, it’s distracted driving. Many people believe that as long as they are not texting and driving, they are all right and not distracted. However, looking at the kids in the mirror, picking up that dropped CD or looking for the end of your plug so you can plug your phone in to charge are all distracting. Traveler’s auto insurance professionals can teach you all about distracted driving and how to avoid that in the future for the safety of you, everyone in your car and everyone on the road with you.
  3. Teen Driving Help
    1. When you have a newly minted driver in the house, life gets a lot more stressful. Your kids are driving, and you need all the help you can get. The professionals at Traveler’s are happy to help you find precisely what you need, from safe driving tips for teens to safe driving classes and statistics, as well as information that will help you choose the right car for your teen based on safety ratings from the most reputable sources.
  4. Easy to use website
  5. Flexible payment options
  6. Discounts for bundled packages
  7. Friendly customer service
  8. Locations across the country
  9. Personalized service
  10. Periodic discounts for safe and good driving

Each of the four major car insurance companies in the country has something unique to offer drivers, but they are not all created equal. You will find that there is one company that works the best for you, and one company that might not work so well for you. We’ve done the car insurance comparison for you, and now it’s your turn to go ahead and do the rest of the dirty work to find out what is best for you and your family. Our tools will help you make the most informed decision so that you have the most comprehensive coverage as well as the most affordable policy.

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