Geico Car Insurance Companies Want You To Drive Safe


Geico Insurance offers insurance to just about anyone for many different things. It’s their car insurance, however, that’s most famous. They have the little green gecko that uses his Australian accent to tell you that if you sign up for Geico car insurance, you can save 15% of more. It’s catchy, and people love it. It’s also the reason so many people know this insurance company’s name. It’s difficult to forget a cute little gecko with an Australian accent. However, while many people do switch to Geico and save, that’s not the only thing that Geico wants to help drivers with. Geico offers information to all drivers on how to be the best possible driver, and how to ensure that you are safe behind the wheel.  You cannot control many things in life, but your safety and your ability to prevent causing cars accidents from occurring when you are behind the wheel is something you can prevent. Let Geico help encourage you to be a better, safer driver. Here are a few of the most important tips that Geico has to offer its drivers to ensure that they do not cause any accidents on the road.

Do not Text and Drive

One of the most dangerous things anyone can do behind the wheel of a car is text and drive. It’s more dangerous than just about anything else because it means you are not paying attention to the road. One second is all it takes to cause an accident because you are looking at the phone instead of what’s going on around you. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can do this. Either put your phone in the backseat or in the trunk or somewhere you can’t see it or reach or, or pull over to text.

Do not Tailgate

You might not think it’s such a big deal, but many accidents happen because of tailgating. Say that a driver in front of you swerves to miss a board that is in the middle of the road but you are so close to them you don’t have time to swerve. You could hit the board, damage your car or swerve anyway and hit oncoming traffic. If that driver slams on his or her brakes, you could hit them. Anything could happen; don’t let it.

Have a Good Attitude

Believe it or not, you can cause an accident driving with a bad attitude. In fact, you could cause an accident focusing on road rage instead of your actual driving. You can cause an accident driving while emotional, too. Don’t get behind the wheel of a car if you are shaking, crying, too angry or too excited to focus on the road. Do yourself the important favor of calming down and relaxing so that you can drive the correct way.

Don’t be Aggressive

You’re late, we get it. It happens. But did you know passing everyone on the road, tailgating and looking speeding is a surefire way to get into an accident – and then you’re going to be even later. You’re not going to get to work that much faster by speeding and driving like a maniac, so do yourself a favor and call to say you’re going to be late so that you can drive safely. Your boss would much rather you be alive and late than dead and never there.

Stop to Change the Music

If you have to change the music, go for it. That is, if you can do it without diverting any attention away from the road. If you have controls on the steering wheel and you can feel them without looking, go ahead and change the station. However, if you have to look away from the road to change the music, either pull over and do it there or don’t do it at all. The song on the radio is not more important than your life or the lives of anyone with you or around you. Please, just ignore it unless you can stop to do it.

Stop to Answer the Phone

If you have to answer the phone when you are driving, pull over. Even if you have integrated Bluetooth in your car, pull over. It’s so much safer. Carrying on a phone conversation while driving is dangerous if you have to look away from the road at anytime. Many people argue that even Bluetooth is dangerous if you’re talking, but it’s no more dangerous than carrying on a conversation with the person sitting right next to you or in the backseat. So feel free to answer that Bluetooth call as long as it does not require that you remove your hands from the wheel of your car in any way.

Do not Drink and Drive

This shouldn’t even be something we have to discuss. This should be common sense. In fact, all of this should be common sense. It’s not, however. Too many people make the decision to drink and drive when all they have to do is call a friend, relative or driver to come get them. Even just one drink is enough to cloud your judgment and effect your reaction time. Be safe; not sorry. Never drink and drive. And never let a friend drink and drive. Additionally, do not engage in drug use and drive (or even engage in it at all).

Slow Down

Did you know that speeding doesn’t actually get you much further than you would go if you went the correct speed? Since there are so many people on the road, so much traffic and so many other things that cause you to stop or slow down, speeding is not going to get you anywhere that much faster. You could speed 20 miles over the speed limit and still only save 2 minutes based on lights, traffic and other delays. So do yourself a favor and just stick to the speed limit. And on that note; actually drive the speed limit (this is my advice). There is nothing more annoying that someone driving under the speed limit – especially when they’re driving 20 miles under the speed limit.

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