How You Can Get Cheap Car Insurance


No one loves to shop for car insurance, but that doesn’t mean you can skip doing it. The process can be tedious and time consuming, but it is one that is necessary. Car insurance is exceptionally important, and often required. Anyone who carries a note on their vehicle is required to have car insurance since it’s going to protect your lender. If you owe money on a vehicle, insurance is a must. If you’re having a difficult time affording car insurance, or you just want cheap car insurance because you like to keep your expenses low, you’re going to have to know how to get it. Every car insurance company swears their services are the least expensive, the biggest savings and the best policies, and they are all right and wrong. What you pay for insurance depends heavily on what you do behind the wheel and in your everyday life. Find out what you need to have and how you need to drive to ensure you get cheap car insurance when you apply for a policy.

Have a Clean Driving Record

It should go without saying that a clean driving record is going to ensure you pay lower insurance policies, but there are people who don’t quite understand this rule. The better you drive, the less you will pay for your insurance. When you have no accidents, no tickets and you do not have any claims on your file, you will get lesser rates for being a good driver. There are also companies that offer additional discounts for all the times you continuously drive well without getting into any other trouble. Keep your driving record clean so that you can keep your rates very low. Every time you drive, use your seatbelt, watch your speed and obey traffic laws.

Take Classes if You Get a Ticket

Sometimes you get in trouble driving for something you might not even intend to do. Perhaps you were a bit reckless driving and texting when you know you should not be doing that. Perhaps you were caught and given a ticket for doing that. It’s not okay, but it does happen. However, you can have that ticket and the points that come with it wiped off your record if you just take the classes that are offered to drivers who are given a ticket. You might not think that this class is worth your time, but it certainly is since it’s going to keep your rates a bit lower when it comes to paying insurance premiums.

Get Married

Seriously; if you get married, you will get a discount on your car insurance. Couples, apparently, are much safer than single drivers in a household. It could be that you have multiple drivers and multiple cars to insure and this makes your agency happy enough to give you a bit of a discount. What does  matter, however, is the fact that many insurers feel that married couples are less likely to drive recklessly than singles, so they like to keep those rates as low as possible to keep their customers happy and their premiums low.

Keep Kids off Your Policy

You already know that kids are expensive, but did you know that they cost you extensively when it comes time to insure them as they grow up? The truth is that teenage drivers add a big payment to your premium because they are young and inexperienced. If you want to keep your rates low and get cheap car insurance, you can’t insure your teenage drivers. Perhaps the convenience of sending them to run your errands for you is not worth the price you’ll pay to insure them to drive your vehicles. One way to offset this cost if you have a teen is to bundle up and make your teen pay his or her premium. Not only does this save you money, it also helps you teach your teen about the responsibilities of teenage drivers and their finances. Making them accountable for what they owe will likely make them more careful drivers and more aware of their finances. It’s a triple bonus for you and the rest of your family.

Drive a Safer Car

The truth is that the more bells and whistles your car has, the less expensive it is to ensure. So if you aren’t sure if you should upgrade to the model with the backup camera or the alarm system, do it. The price you will save on your insurance premiums makes it completely worth it to pay the additional money for the car. And it does help you to know that what you and your family are driving and riding in is as safe a car as they come.

Get Older

You can’t really do anything about this except live your life, but you should know that the older you get, the more your car insurance premiums will decrease. It happens every few years, and it’s often very different ages for men and women. Assume, though, that by the time you are out of your 20s that your car insurance rates will be lower than ever before.

Get Good Credit

If you have no credit, it’s time to build credit and make it good. If you have bad credit, it’s time for you to start working on improving it. Many car insurance agencies take a long look at your credit score to ensure that it’s a good one. This tells them whether or not you are a safe driver, or one more likely to pay your premiums and file claims. There are many reasons for this and not all companies do this to their customers. However, if you want to be on the safe side and pay cheap car insurance rates, it’s a good idea to make sure that your credit is up to par. Start making all your payments on time, keeping your outstanding balances either very low or nonexistent, and checking your credit report regularly for fraud and/or errors that require your attention.

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