10 Reasons Progressive Car Insurance is Wrong For You


Flo from Progressive can make everything sound like a lot of fun. She has the best worst hair in the history of bad hair, and she’s got the brightest, sunniest personality that ever did exist. And people just love her. She’s so helpful and kind and most of us feel that we know her quite well spending so much time seeing her around over the past few years on television. Her commercials really do work since Progressive is the insurance company name most people remember most. But that is not a good enough reason to switch to this particular company. In fact, it’s not even a very good reason to switch insurance companies. But it’s also not a good reason not to use Progressive if that’s what you really want to do. So we have a few things that you should keep in mind when switching your car insurance companies and some of those things are reasons you might not want to use Progressive for your own insurance needs, even though the company is a good one for many drivers and homeowners. It just might not be quite right for you.

Your Current Company Might Offer a Renewal Discount

If you are up for renewal and looking to save money, ask your current insurance agency. Chances are good that they will give you a discount for being such a loyal customer. It might be a lot less expensive than the plan and policy that Progressive has to offer as you would be considered a new customer.

The Price is Not Right

If the price is not right, you don’t want to use Progressive. And we just don’t feel there is anything else we can say about this one; if the price is not right, do not use the company. Sometimes they’re just not as inexpensive as other companies, and that’s just how it goes for all companies that offer insurance. It’s cheaper for some and not for others.

The Plan is Not Right

Sometimes the price looks good but the plan is not a good one. If the plan you want is out of reach and one you aren’t so happy with is within reach, using Progressive is not always a good idea. You can actually go ahead and check out the policy to ensure that what you are getting is the best for you, and we do highly recommend that you do this.

Not All Low Price Plans are Good Ones

Just because something is affordable does not make it a good idea. You can get a lot of low-cost plans with Progressive, but that does not make them the best plans for you. In fact, they might not even offer what you need to insure your items, and that’s never a good idea. Just remember when switching to Progressive – or any insurance company for that matter – that price is important, but so is the coverage you get when you sign up for coverage.

Snapshot is Not a Great Idea

Some people love the Snapshot concept. You basically put a camera in your car and it does a test to see how and where you drive so it can determine what kind of insurance you need and want. But it’s a bad idea; and people can’t agree more. The company uses this as a way of determining how people drive, but too many applications on the brakes in traffic, too much driving in one day because you forget your wallet at home and had to go back, and your plan premiums could really change for the worse. Be very careful of this concept, and don’t use it if you can avoid it at all.

They Don’t Offer What You Need

Sometimes you need something that Progressive does not offer, and that’s not your fault. If the company does not offer exactly what it is you need, don’t use the company? You are not obligated to switch to Progressive to use their insurance, and you shouldn’t have to feel that you are. You can actually go right ahead and make sure that you get the best possible rates by first asking what you need to see if they even have it available.

The Service Does Nothing for You

If you have spoken to the service reps here and you’re not feeling it, don’t use them. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut instinct. Perhaps you like more personalized service and the office you want to use doesn’t have that. You don’t have to use this company if all employees are not like Flo.

You like Your Current Insurer

If you are happy with your current insurance company, don’t switch. If someone is trying to talk you into making a change you don’t want to make, it’s not a requirement that you allow them to do this. If you like your current issuer, stay with that company and be happy with the plans and the rates that you already have.

There isn’t a Progressive near You

One of the biggest reasons you might not want to switch to a Progressive plan is that there is not an office near you. Personalized service is so much nicer than just a faceless person over the phone, and it’s just true no matter how tech-savvy and anti-conversation most of us have become in the past few years. Sometimes all we want is just a little face-to-face interaction so that we feel we are getting the kind of personalized service we do require and want.

You Feel Pressured

If you ever feel pressured to switch to a company and the reps are calling nonstop, they’re pressuring you and making you feel uncomfortable, do not switch companies. You need to be aware that this is a decision you get to make and not one that others get to make for you. Do not allow yourself to be talked into making a decision like this that just is not for you. Be brave and ignore the pressure.

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