How You Can Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

In the last few years many energy saving products have hit the market, and by using them you can reduce your electricity bill significantly. Not only you can use these products to save money, you will also be helping the environment by reducing the use of non-renewable energy sources.  In this article we will describe several of these money-saving products.

The first energy saving product is the energy-saving plug. It is one of the most popular money-saving products and it is also very safe: it monitors the power use of the appliances you connect to it, and if power is not used it automatically shuts down. For example: if your computer is connected to an electricity-saving plug, and you shut down the computer – the plug will automatically shut down as well. This not only saves money but also prevents electricity accidents, fires, etc. It is usually very cheap and you would have returned the investment fairly quickly.

The 2nd energy saving product that can also be used is the solar charger. It is a very environment-friendly product that uses the energy of the sun to charge electrical devices in your house. You can charge digital cameras, batteries, PDAs, iPods and iPhones. All that is needed is to connect the device to the solar charge, and put it in the light. In 5-8 hours your gadget will be charged completely and you would not have paid a penny for electricity.

To save even more money on your electricity bill we recommend using energy-efficient bulb instead of popular incandescent bulbs, as most of the energy is wasted on heating the tungsten metal wire and is not efficiently used. An electricity monitor is also an efficient product that can help you monitor in real time, the amount of electricity you are using, and the amount of carbon dioxide you release to the atmosphere. It helps you become aware of the energy you use, so you can save and disconnect products you do not use, and help preserve the environment.

The final energy saving product we wish to present is a solar panel. By using solar panels you can use energy from the sun to generate free electricity at your home, and use an energy source that is renewable and does not produce bi-products (like Oil, Gas, etc). Building and developing a solar panel can cost between $3,000 to $5,500, depending on the size, however this investment is usually returned without 3-7 years and has a good ROI. Not only you would have liberated yourself from the electricity company, you can actually resell the electricity you don’t use and in some countries the local electricity company will pay you for that energy.

By using renewable energy sources like solar energy, you help preserve the environment and also save money on a daily basis. Start using energy saving products and you will see that you not only profit, but get a warm feeling for helping the environment and preserving mother earth.

Dan Vanter is a writer that is dedicated to home made energy and using renewable energy sources to save money.


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