Ways You Can Contribute To Charities But Not Spend any Money


Writing a check and handing it over to your favorite charity is a nice feeling. It makes you feel as if you’re doing something for the charity and those who are in more need than you. The feeling of giving back is a good one, and people say that it’s why they donate. Others donate because they like to give back to those who are not as fortunate as they. Some give to charity because they feel it’s the right thing to do, and others donate because of the impressive tax deductions they get to take on charitable donations. However, not everyone is in a financial situation that allows them to give money to charity. And others are in a position to give financially, but prefer to see where their donations are going and how they are helping; and these people choose to give to charity in a way that does not cost them a dime. Don’t believe it’s possible? It’s entirely possible; and we can tell you exactly how you can give to charity without every spending a nickel of your own money. And we dare you to try it as often as possible.

Donate Your Time

Your time is often worth more than your money. Charities can get all the money they want from their benefactors, but it’s often quite difficult for the same charities to get people to donate their time to help their cause, and that’s what is important. Contact your favorite charity to ask what it is you can do to help them out with your time; you’ll be surprised just how much they need you.

Mentor a Child

There are hundreds of charities all over the country that require people to help children so that they have someone positive to look up to. Be one of those people. Be someone who has a positive influence on the life of a child and watch as that child is given something that money could never buy.

Donate a Car

Do you have a car that’s paid off? If so, donate it to a charity. It does not even have to be a car that has a good condition to brag about. Charities can use your old cars for many different reasons. They might use them to provide transportation to those who need it. They might help their mission by sending the car to auction and using the cash; you can ask to see what they plan on doing with it, or you can just donate it.

Build a House

Habitat for Humanity is always looking for volunteers to spend time helping build homes in cities across the country. These homes are for those who cannot afford a house of their own without assistance, and the people who will receive these homes are there each and every day as they are built and created for them. You’ll get to know the people you are helping, which is something that many people find very rewarding.

Donate Clothes

You might not need all those old business suits or clothes anymore, but someone else might need them more than you know. There are charities that take old suits to provide for jobless men and women so that they can go on job interviews and begin working to improve their lives. There are charities that provide clothing to families who lose everything thanks to natural disasters and fires; and your old clothes can help someone’s life change for the better. You should know that.

Donate Furniture

Your old couch, tables, chairs and items that you have no use for anymore could be someone else’s dream come true. Imagine having a home with no furniture. Imagine being an abused woman making a life for herself and her kids for the first time and finding that it’s impossible to afford furniture at stores. Your furniture might be sold by charities to raise money or it might be donated to those who need it.

Serve Food

There are people who only get to eat because people are there to cook for them and serve them food in soup kitchens and shelters. Be the kind of person who helps to feed those who are so hungry by donating your time to help cook and serve food so that you can make a difference in the lives of those who need a difference made the most.

Raise Awareness for Charity

You can work for a charity to raise awareness. This might mean donating some of your time to make phone calls, write letters, email people who want to help or even visit those who are looking to donate and make your case on behalf of the charity. You can raise awareness by volunteering your time to work events and help others understand what it is that your charity stands for and needs from the public.

Donate your Business

Do you have a business? If so, you can donate your business to raise money and items for those who need them. For example, if you have a business, you can call Toys for Tots and ask to use it as a drop-off location during the holiday season. This means your customers will come in, donate toys and then you can give those toys to charities. Having a convenient drop-off location is going to make your customers more likely to want to help you and want to give back, and you’re doing an even bigger job than you would if you just wrote a check or donated a few hours of your time.

Help Set up Charitable Events

Charitable events are often some of the most beneficial as they tend to raise the most amount of money. What if you help set up for these events? What if you donate your services to these events to use as a prize at an auction or something of this nature? For example, if you own a spa, why not donate a day at the spa or a service or something for a silent auction? People will pay for this and the money they pay goes directly toward charity.

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