Use Citi ThankYou Points to Make Purchases With Amazon

Citi ThankYou and Amazon

Amazon is a bit of an addiction for most of us. It’s probably because we can order virtually anything we want or need, made by virtually any designer in the world, and have it on our doorstep a mere 48 hours later with Prime membership’s 2-day shipping. Take me, for instance. My 4-year-old is obsessed with Hunter Wellington boots and will only wear them. I mean, only. We live in Florida and she will not wear sandals, flip flops, tennis shoes; nothing. So when it was three days before Christmas Eve and I realized she was not wearing her Christmas shoes with her Christmas dress to church and wanted to wear her Hunters, I hopped on Amazon and found them in red and ordered them to be here within two days. $55 and tax and they were at the door two days later.

For those of us who carry a Chase or American Express credit card, points go a long way toward making Amazon purchases, but no one with a Citi card was ever able to use their reward points to make a direct purchase with the company. The shame is that too many people love this concept, too. Well, Citi cardholders, the good news is that this has all changed and you are now welcome to use your Citi ThankYou points to directly make purchases through Amazon. Add your earnings card to your Amazon profile and use that method at checkout or just link your accounts through the portal. Once you complete on or the other, you are free to shop using rewards points on the Amazon site. Just know, however, this is typically not the best use of your points when it comes down to it. Redeeming them for miles, travel and other items is usually more valuable.

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