Tips for Saving Money on Your Teen’s Clothing


Spending $200 for a pair of sneakers, $150 on a pair of jeans and $100 for a thin jacket that won’t last much longer than October in many parts of the country seems a bit excessive when it comes to dressing your teen. However, that’s just the way things are in the fashion industry these days. Teens are more entitled than ever, their clothes more expensive, and their desire to get a job of their own and purchase their own clothes seems a little bit like a joke more than it does a reality. Teenagers are expensive to the point that it’s not even funny, and we aren’t even at the point yet when they need a car, gas and money for dating. We’re just talking about keeping them clothed. Since they are so concerned with how they look and the designer labels on their clothing, it’s more difficult than ever for parents to find a way to keep their kids dressed stylishly and affordably. Fortunately, we have some tips that will help save a bit of money on your teen’s clothing.

Splurge on the Basics

Okay, so you think you want to save money and that means not spending much, but that’s not entirely accurate. We say it all the time; you have to invest in quality pieces when it comes to the basics. Things like shoes and jeans and coats should be more expensive. Why? Because these are items your teens need to wear more than one season. They need to be things your teens will wear all year, and probably even longer. Yes, if you have a teen son you will likely have to buy him new shoes more often because he’s playing sports in them and being overall rough on everything he wears. However, if you have a teenage daughter, consider spending a bit more on her shoes since she will likely not wear them every day and they will likely end up being shoes she will wear for years. For example, a nicer pair of ballet flats will last her all year instead of a cheap pair that will wear out inside of one season. The same goes for winter coats; they should be classic and stylish so that they will last for several winters and not just for one. That means paying a bit for it now, but nothing on it for years to come. That’s one way to save.

Buy Off-Season

Now that winter is here, start buying summer clothes for your teen. Sure, he or she doesn’t need them now, but they’re on sale more now than they will be when they do need these clothes. Places such as Forever 21, Gap, Nordstrom, Old Navy and everything in between have all their summer clothes online on sale for major discounts, and you will be able to stick to classic pieces that will still be in style when the weather warms up. This will allow you to keep your teen in style for a lot less, which is exactly what it is you want to do in the first place.

Sell Old Clothes

Don’t assume that just because your teens aren’t going to wear them anymore that their old clothes are useless. There are a number of consignment shops in most areas that buy clothes from teens that are in good condition. They will take them off your hands, pay you and allow you to have a little more cash in hand to shop for new clothes for your teen. These clothes have to be clean, have no stains, have no tears, holes or rips (aside from the ones that are designed that way before you buy them) and they cannot be too faded or damaged in any other way. Otherwise, no store will want them.

Find Coupons Online

Do you know you can save on shipping, save on your purchases and make a big difference in what you spend when you search online for store coupons? Some of the biggest stores for teenagers have online coupons that will help you save a bundle when shopping. For example, if you get online and search for your teen’s favorite store, such as “Forever 21 coupons,” or “Abercrombie Coupons,” or “Urban Outfitters Coupons,” or whatever store it is your teens like, you will find a number of coupons available to help make your purchases a lot less expensive. Forever 21, for example, is big on free shipping coupons. Abercrombie usually offers free shipping when you spend a certain dollar amount. Hollister does the same. There are always coupons available online that will help you save significantly.

Think it Through

Instead of allowing your teen to buy something right this second, make them wait 24 hours. Perhaps by this time they will have decided whether or not this is a good buy or something they just wanted because it was there, on sale and it fit. Let your teen go home, think about it, and look through their closet. Does she already have things she can wear with whatever it is she wants, or is she going to get the piece home and realize that she has no clothes that will go with her new acquirement? This can make a big difference when it comes to saving money on items that your teen won’t actually wear when it comes down to it.

Make Her Earn Clothes Money

When your teen is able to buy his or her own clothes with his or her own money, you will save more. Additionally, you will provide your teen with a good lesson on finances. They’ll learn quickly that money does not grow on trees, and perhaps learn the value of a dollar and what it means to think long and hard about a purchase before making it. It’s not always a good idea to just buy your teens whatever it is they want; they’re not learning anything. Why not make saving something they learn for themselves by making them earn the funds with which they will purchase their school clothing?

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