Tips for Saving Money that Really Work


Saving money is a great habit to develop, but most of us aren’t really sure how to do it. There’s a lot of money saving advice on the internet, coming from friends, and in the news but it’s not that easy to do if you’re not creative with it. If you really want advice on how to save more money, you have to go to the experts; the people who do it on a regular basis. Some of the best money saving tips are the ones you didn’t expect, and here they are.

Never Pay Full Price

It’s a nice suggestion, even if it seems obvious. It makes the list, however, because it’s not something most of us ever bother to remember. I know from experience that if I’m in a hurry, or I just love something desperately and can’t wait to own it, I’ll pay full price, even if it’s ridiculous. Real savvy women don’t pay full price for anything. They befriend sales associates and get the inside track on when things will go on sale. They shop around. They compare. What they don’t do is pay retail.

Don’t Memorize Your Card Number

This is my own advice. Anytime I have a replacement card after mine expires, I find that I shop online a lot less. Why? Because I can’t sit on the couch and drink my coffee while on the iPad shopping and order whatever I decide I can’t live without at 6 am because I haven’t yet memorized my card number and I’m just too lazy to leave the comfort of my coffee and spot to get it. When I do memorize it, however, you better believe I’m using it the second I decide I want something.

Put Half Away

Here’s a great one that was suggested by a friend who is very money-savvy and financially free because of it. Whenever she buys something, she puts half of what she spent into her savings account. For example, if she goes to dinner and spends $100, she puts $50 into her savings account. It’s a great way to spend her money and save some at the same time.

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