Three Ways You Can Save Big Money With A Magic Eraser


Once upon a time there was a little girl who liked to color on her white furniture with markers unbeknownst to her parents. It seems she snuck them out of her big sister’s bedroom, but she did not think to take with her paper. She hoarded the markers and would color on her furniture regularly at night when her parents thought that she was asleep in her bed. She also borrowed a package of her younger twin siblings’ baby wipes and would use those to wipe down her art work so her parents would never know her dirty little secret.

Her lies – her secret life – finally came to a shocking end when she found yet another marker in her mommy’s office hidden the far back o fa drawer. Little did she know that this particular marker was not a Crayola washable marker. It was a sharpie. The mess that ensued, the devastation in her eyes when she realized she could not clean it off and that she’d been caught, was a moment worth remembering. The feeling her parents had when they entered her sweet little lavender and plum princess bedroom only to find that her beautiful white bed, the French doors to her closet, her bedroom door, her lovely walls and her entire little Pottery Barn Kitchen set and accessories were all black. She gambled, and she lost.

Before her mommy could be reduced to tears over the issue at hand, her daddy came to the rescue with a wonderful life-saving device. It’s called a Magic Eraser. The little girl’s mommy did not think it would work on permanent black marker, but imagine her surprise when the black began to clear right up off of every single thing in her daughter’s bedroom. It was almost as if a miracle had occurred, and life was once again peaceful.

Did the little girl ever do that again? No. Did her parents confiscate every single marker, pen, pencil or other writing utensil in the house and keep it under lock and key only to be distributed after permission is granted and supervision is hawk-eyed? Yes. Thank you, Magic Eraser, for changing our lives. Now we must tell you what else you can do with this little white thing filled with what can only imagine is magic. If we hadn’t tried it in our home, we would have been out thousands of dollars in very expensive furniture. Thankfully, the Magic Eraser saved our sanity and our savings.

Shower Doors

When we were choosing our new home after our twins were born, I had one thing that I wanted to steer clear from. No, I had a half million things I wanted to steer clear from. I don’t like tubs – they freak me out – so I wanted none. I also did not want showers with curtains or with glass doors – they also freak me out. I wanted open entry showers that you have to walk around and into, and that’s what I got. However, if I did have glass doors, I would have cleaned them with the Magic Eraser. It takes of soap scum and build up in about a second flat.

Grout Cleaning

The one thing that we had to deal with in our dream home is the fact that the grout in our kitchen and all three bathrooms was light – which is fine – but it was filthy. We could not find anything to clean it, either. One day, our 2-year-old twins found crayons on the floor under the bar where the big girls were coloring and not noticing they were rolling off. We quickly caught them, but not before one of them had a chance to color the tan tile a lovely shade of blue. Magic Eraser took it right off the tile, and it also took all the filth off the grout. It was a breakthrough moment for us, and it changed our lives.

Keyboard Cleaning

Our keyboards are so disgusting that I think we all make it a habit to ignore how nasty they truly are. Of course, that doesn’t help when we actually have to clean them, and it’s not an easy job. You don’t want to use just anything on them for fear of ruining your computer or keyboard, but you do want all the filth off the keys. A Magic Eraser is the best option for this. Just be sure you rinse it out amazingly well before you use it. Any excess liquid could get into the keys and cause serious issues.

In reality, you can use Magic Eraser to clean anything in your lives, but you just have to buy a lot of them. They do go rather quickly, but they will change the overall course of your life if you let them. They’re magic; the name does not lie.

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