Three of the Most Fun AARP Discounts Available to Members

AARP Members

Everyone loves a discount, sale and savings; there will never be a time in which saving money is not an awesome feeling and moment in anyone’s life. I don’t care if you have millions in the bank or you have $5 in the bank; buying something with a discount rocks. It’s especially awesome for people who get discounts built right into their lives. For example, AARP members aren’t doing anything special, but they have the ability to save money just by proving their membership. It’s a special kind of feeling to know that you get to save money on things you want and need and you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to do it.

If you are an AARP member, you might already know all about the many discounts available to you. But not everyone reads the fine print or bothers with the details when they’re signing up for that membership (uh-oh, you should always read the fine print and details!). Next time…and since you didn’t read it this time, perhaps we can make your day by telling you all about the amazing discounts you can get when you sign up for AARP.

Shopping Discounts

Need to order flowers or buy a new pair of shoes or buy anything else that might be fun or necessary? Don’t sweat it; your AARP membership allows you to save on thousands of items in all your favorite stores simply by showing your discount card to retailers. To find out if what you want or need is available with a discount, login to your account and check the member advantages page and do a quick search. Discounts change on occasion, but you can save on things like home security systems, appliances at your favorite retailer and even your internet or cable installation. The possibilities are endless.


Here’s the best part about being an AARP member. You get to save on travel. We all do it from time to time, some of us more than others, and not one of us isn’t interested in saving on hotel room prices, flights, rental cars, cruises and everything in between. Check the travel advantages and choose the ones that work for you, and you can save significantly on the cost of travel. Who does not like to save as much as 20% on travel?

Dining and Entertainment

Having fun keeps us young, healthy and makes life so enjoyable. That’s why we like to dine out, see shows and let loose. Unfortunately, doing this is expensive at times. Your AARP membership allows you to login to your account and print coupons for meals at your favorite fine dining, casual dining and mom and  pop restaurants, shows, movies, tickets and everything in between. You can plan an entire date night around the amazing coupons available here (a cirque du soleil show followed by a delicious dinner at the Chart House? Yes please!).

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