Three Types of Things You Shouldn’t Purchase From Amazon…..Yet


Amazon is kind of an addiction. Once you have a Prime Membership, you immediately enter into this mindset that somehow convinces you that everything you need can be purchased there so long as you do not need in before two days are up. I know I feel this way on a regular basis. “We’ll be out of diapers in two days? Let me just order more.” “My kids need new folders for school on Monday? I’ll Prime them so I don’t have to drag the twins into the store with me tomorrow in the rain,” is the mindset in which I perpetually reside.

It works for me, too. However, there are a few things that I’ve learned are not always cheaper on Amazon and are actually a lot more affordable elsewhere. With that in mind, here are a few things you might consider buying locally rather than Prime-ing.  Though something tells me Amazon will figure these out as well.


If there is one thing I’ve learned about shopping Amazon, it’s that I can find my favorite designers on sale for far less in other places. The other day I ordered my twins each a new pair of Sperry deck shoes for summer, and they were about $10 per pair less expensive ordering them from Nordstrom than from Amazon. Same pair, and Nordstrom offers free shipping on all purchases.

Cleaning Supplies

Ever since our now 5-year-old was younger and found a sharpie in my desk drawer, I have been obsessed with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. She colored her white bed, her lavender walls, Barbie Dreamhouse, her white closet doors and her light pink Pottery Barn kitchen with sharpie. Nothing got it out except Magic Eraser. But they’ll almost three times more at Amazon than they are at the supermarket.


For one, you want fresh items that are better purchased locally. However, even nonperishable items are more expensive through Amazon than they are through your local supermarket. It’s not easy to be productive and leave the house when there are so many ways you can never have to associate with the general public ever again, but it’s for the best when it comes to saving money.

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