The Trick to Getting a $9 Oil Change

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Every month when OnStar sends my monthly diagnostic to my SUV, I calculate how much longer until I need an oil change. Why? Because I really dislike oil changes. They take forever, and they have to be very strategically planned so that I don’t end up taking the twins with me while my older girls are in school and my husband at work. But we have very busy lives so it’s something that always manages to get in the way of all we have to do. Who has time for maintenance? Additionally, they’re so expensive. I mean, far less than what I used to pay to have the oil changed in my beemer, but still; it’s not cheap.

Until now.

One woman managed to find a way to get a professional oil change on her vehicle for only $9, and it’s pretty genius. We thought we might share with you how she does it so that you can do it, too.

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It is that simple. Here you will find a voucher that boasts three oil changes for a grand total of $24. Not each; total. That’s a big deal, and it’s a legitimate deal, too. Not only does this amazing saver program save you money on your oil changes, you also get a myriad of other benefits that are included with it, including free tire rotations, snow tire changes and even brake inspection. You also get huge discounts on other issues that might need to be resolved on your car at very small prices.

This card is particularly valuable to anyone who does not have a service plan already in place with their vehicle, and especially for someone who might have a slightly older vehicle with high mileage. It has been verified as a real deal, good deal and that makes it worth your time signing up.

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