The Number One Secret To Saving a Ton of Money at the Grocery Store

how to save money shopping

“Your total is $281.71,” the cashier notes as I slide my debit card through the machine. That sounds like a lot of money, so I must be doing my grocery shopping for a few weeks, right? Wrong; that’s my Sunday “I need to get the kids’ lunch stuff for the week, stuff to make for dinner tonight and for a few nights and we’ll come up with something the other nights – and wine,” trip. Today, I already need to go back to the store because I forget pull-ups, half and half and I could use more blueberries. So, I’ll send my husband on the way home and by Wednesday, I’ll be back at the store making more purchases. It’s how we roll; by spending entirely too much money at the supermarket on a regular basis.

I could use some savings tips. I’m not a coupon user; I’m not sitting around clipping them, looking for them and making lists and organizing them. I honestly do not have an additional hour to do something like that every week. I’m busy with a family of six. I do use my store’s online coupons, however. Publix allows me to create an account with their mobile app and click on their online coupons. They go into my app and I can enter my phone number when I check out and it will search for any coupons I’ve saved to my app and apply them automatically. This saves me all of $2 a week since we don’t usually buy things that see a lot of coupons. So, coupons are not for me. However, that does not mean they are not for you.

If you’re looking to save big-time at the supermarket and you like coupons that require little to no work, you’re going to love these three programs. You’re going to need a few minutes time to do just a little bit of work, but those few minutes might save you as much as $750 at the supermarket this year.

Tablespoon Newsletter

I’ve never heard of this site until I did the research for this article, but I think I’m in love. As someone who has not mastered the art of domestic goddess kitchen style at this point in my life, I am always interested in learning things that I need to know in the kitchen. I enjoy cooking, I’m just not very successful in the kitchen unless I’m baking (which I rock). This site is filled with kitchen how-to ideas, recipe ideas, tips, advice and even tricks that make cooking so much easier than it looks when you are reading complicated instructions. I went ahead and quickly created an account by entering my email address and choosing a password, and I already have an email with some great ideas I might apply to dinner and even toward entertaining at our next dinner party. This membership is free, but there are coupons and rewards that are valued at around $250 you can take advantage of throughout the year.

The Betty Crocker Newsletter

If you have 30 seconds, you can go online to the link we provided and fill out your contact information. You’ll then receive the best that Betty has to offer right to your inbox, which makes life kind of ridiculously easy. She will send you recipes, cooking tips, baking tips and so much more. And by so much more, I mean coupons up to $250 off her items you can use all year long. It’s worth it since it takes no time at all and she has some great ideas and concepts to share with her fans.

Pillsbury Newsletter

All you need to do here is look to the top right hand side of the page where it reads “Join FREE,” and click on that link. A separate screen pops up asking for your personal information. Fill it out and get ready to learn new recipes, tips and tricks and so much more. Additionally, the site offers you $250 worth of free coupons to use at the store, which is significant savings. You’re also going to have access to sample products, which is always a lot of fun in the kitchen.

Each of these sites offers so many different options as far as making life a bit easier. It’s more affordable with all the coupons. It’s more enjoyable with all the tips and tricks that make cooking easier, and it’s far more delicious with all the new recipes you’re learning. Your family will be excited about dinner every night, and that’s a huge plus in the cooking league.

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